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Dubai Safari Park | Top Tourist Destination in Dubai | WeDubai

Dubai Safari Park | Top Tourist Destination in Dubai | WeDubai

Dubai Safari Park is located at Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

This is really an Eco-friendly safari park. The playground source of electricity is solar energy. Water recycling for irrigation purpose, waste disposal can be accomplished by sustainable systems. The half-century-old Dubai Zoo is replaced with a modern safari park. The Dubai Safari park contains unique and precious animals in all its villages. The playground has a massive area. The fence of Dubai Safari Park is 3.5 km long.

Dubai Safari Park

The Park was opened on the 12th of December 2017 for overall people. In the time of opening the playground was free for input to people for a limited day. The park was closed to the general public because of its renovation and advancement dubai safari park opening date 2018 is on  15th of May. Reopening of the park's timeline has been 1st of October.

The Dubai Safari Park is located on Al Warqa 5, on Hatta Street, Reverse of Dragon Mart Dubai.
The coordinates of Dubai Safari Park is 25.1775° N, 55.4494°
Overall Area of Dubai Safari Park is 119 Hectares approximately 12.8 million Square ft or 1.2 square kilometers. This area is approximately equal to 223 soccer fields. The area is double of Vatican City.
In 2018 Dubai Municipality given the task and signed a contract of operating and maintaining Dubai Safari Park to some business called Meraas. The business created change in the performance staff and hired one of the very animal's renowned operator of animal's playground, Mr. Parques Reunidos. His appointment at Dubai Desert Safari is seeing as a Significant advancement in future within Dubai Desert Safari.

Dubai safari park tickets price:

On providing the identity (The two ID Card and Hotmail is accepted) of age for children under three and old people above the age of 60 years is free to input in all areas of Dubai Safari Park.
The tickets in the opening of Park was free but today it cost 85 AED for complete tours including safari village, even if exclude the safari village then the ticket is AED 50 only.
A ticket for boys'and girls' price 30 AED for complete tours which include safari village, even if exclude the safari village ticket is AED 20 only.

Dubai Safari Park

Currently adopted 1000 animals of the zoo of Dubai at the start of Safari Park there have been additional 1500 creatures that were new. And now the entire number of these animals is 2500. These critters belong to various 250 species of the animal world. The park has a plan to expand the number of animals to 5000 in 2020 that will also include 350 animals of endangered animals in the world.
The park contains a different type of animals for the entertainments. These creatures have a very long list like Lions, tigers, gazelles, hippos, buffalo, hyena, flamingos, gorillas, chimpanzees, reptiles, and more and more and more.
The Park stays open from 9AM to 9 PM, but the entrance closes before two hours of closing time. It took five hours to finish check into the park. So remember the timing when you enter the park.

There are 5 different villages

Dubai Safari Park

Safari Village Dubai:

It is the most significant and famous village in Dubai Safari Park. It is also the most enjoyed section of the Dubai Safari park. Without seeing Safari Village it is futile to pay a visit to the Dubai Safari Park. The attractiveness of safari village would be to take the person to maximum close to the animals from Africa and Asia. The bus can be used to carrying the traffic to the forest full of animals. These vehicles are specially designed as per safety and security concerns. During the journey on the bus, one can experience Zebras, Cheetas, Water Buffalo or Deer. Safari Village provides an opportunity to encounter with tigers and it isn't acceptable a visitor is on safari journey and do not experience at any lion. In this area, one can view the waterfalls that are running on solar power energy. All these are artificially created water drops. After this section, the crocodiles live view is something to watch. It's first drive-through from crocodile the most dangerous predator in the world. Drive through crocodile exhibit is one of the adored items in the village.

African Village-Dubai Safari Park:

As soon as we think about the animals then Africa is your location which comes in our thoughts. The section possesses a collection of white lions. Don't forget to see African wild dogs need not mention chimpanzee.

Arabian Village-Dubai Safari Park:

The important animals of Arabia like Wolves, Nylghais and Antelopes living here. The opinion of the village is really wonderful. When you move from the hills and desert through the green area containing a large number of Fauna and Flora you will be astounded of scenes.

Asian Village-Dubai Safari Park:

This is a tree-based part of Dubai Safari Park. Komodo dragons are a permanent resident of this village. A range of birds and reptiles are found in this section of this Park.

Wadi Village-Dubai Safari Park:

It's an area that is recreational that is really big. The area is creating by remembering the requirement of tourist after seeing a very long safari. One could sit and relax. The ground is lush green whereas there are ponds of fishes where you can see fishes or waterfalls.

KIDs Farm-Dubai Safari Park:

It's a newly created section with a view held in mind of learning for kids. In this area children's are given education with fundamental farming and feeding of animals such as cows, goats and sheep's, etc.. Milking a cow or ridding pony or collecting eggs of hens are excellent activities for children.


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