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Best Beaches In Dubai | Black Palace | Jumeirah | Lamer | Al mamzar | Kite Beach

Dubai is known as one of the most luxurious resort cities in the world, but it is also home to miles and miles of fine-sand beaches. Beach resorts, such as those in this area, are located on the warm, aqua-blue Persian Gulf (locally known as the Arabic Gulf).
The government has been proactive in providing a substantial number of public beaches, despite the fact that many beaches are private and associated with residences or hotels. In Dubai, the majority of beaches are man-made, so they are wide and flat, and have soft white sand.

In Dubai, the high temperatures during the summer cause many people to go to the beach after dinner. Tourists from Europe flock to the United States during the winter months to escape the cold. It is common to find bathroom facilities, changing rooms, and showers at most beaches, and lifeguards are also available at most beaches. There are some beaches that offer Smart Palms, which are public Wi-Fi hotspots featuring solar-powered charging stations for mobile devices.

Located in the country of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is an emirate (like a state) affording the visitors a level of personal security normally found in few vacation destinations. When people go swimming you will notice that they leave their purses, wallets, and cell phones on their beach chairs.
We have compiled a list of the top beaches in Dubai for you to choose the perfect spot to relax.

Best Beaches In Dubai | Black Palace | Jumeirah | Lamer | Al mamzar | Kite Beach

JBR Open Beach

Dubai is known for having one of the largest beaches in the world. This massive beach is part of the JBR (Jumeirah Beach Residence) area and extends the entire length of the area. Most of the area is open, even though some parts have been designated for hotels. Throughout the park, there are public restrooms (kept in immaculate condition) and food stands.

There are two types of sand at this beach: fluffy white sand and powdery soft sand. The water is warm and an attractive light blue-green color. The area around the swimming area is roped off by buoys and there are lifeguards on duty.

JBR Open Beach

Black Palace (Al Sufouh ) Beach Dubai

Black Palace Beach Dubai

Black Palace Beach is known as Al Sufouh Beach. This beach is one of the beaches about which lots of few men and women know. That can be a hidden beach in Dubai and as a result of this reason; people call it Secret Beach of Dubai. The Morning of the shore is quite Peasant and this shore have clear blue color water together with white sand. On the beach, an individual can see the beautiful view of The Palm Jumeirah ahead and Burj Al Arab on the best.

Al Sufouh Beach is one of the best beaches in Dubai if you wish to spend some time relaxing by yourself, with friends or family. This discreet beach is known as the ‘Secret Beach’ owing to its rows of palm trees which conceal it from the bustling city. Get energized to explore the rest of Dubai by gazing at the white waves crashing against the white sandy shores. 

 About Al Sufouh Street, if one walk around two and a half km and you will find a row of Palm trees. A pathway is on the ideal side of the bus stop. One needs to cross the sand region before reaching parking of the shore. You can cross the sand that is tough without a 4*4 vehicle.

This beach has lifeguards. The beach is naturally wild making it more lovely.

Mercato Beach Dubai

Mercato Beach Dubai

This beach is also a free public beach. The beach has multiple facilities for its visitors. These facilities include jogging track and Beach Library. Promenade and Cycling track is also available for visitors. Changing facilities are also available free of cost. The car parking is not fully free and one has to pay for parking. The beach has special access for disable persons and disable wheelchairs are available.

One can walk to Jumeirah Fishing Harbour where cafes and restaurants can be found. The Beach is located inside the residential area. The beach located on Jumeirah Beach Road and is opposite of Mercato Mall. Usually, the beach has significantly less crowd and ideal location for Peace fans. Food Area can also be available on the first floor of Mercato Mall, which is very near. This beach is not very well known in tourists.

La Mer Beach Dubai

La Mer Beach Dubai

This shore has been formally referred to as the Jumeirah Public shore. The shore is developed by a renown programmer called Meraas. Meraas, also well-known for its best growth of dining and shopping districts such as Citywalk, The Outlet Village, The Beach, and Boxpark. Besides its massive development, the beach is still free. Some of the facilities such as reserving umbrella for a day one has to pay rent. The water is clear and enjoys the blue sky and there is no garbage on the shore.

How to go to La Mer Dubai:

To reach La Mer Beach, take Bus 8 If You're coming from Al Ghubaiba Bus Station, X28 if from City Centre Deira, C10 if from BurJuman. Alight at the bus stop reverse Jumeirah Mosque, near Palm Strip. Walk towards Dubai Marine Beach Resort, then. Precisely where Jumeirah Open Beach is located 11, laMer North is. The shore has a free and a shower that is paid. The free showers shapes as buckets that are conventional. The shore has a center and an excellent new shopping area.

Royal Island Beach Club Dubai

Royal Island Beach Club Dubai

The beach isn't completely free and one has to pay around 500 AED for entering in the beach. The shore is designed that is superbly and is located on the island of Lebanon. Located on the island of Lebanon, you are greeted using a choice of two beaches, a swimming pool, together with an onsite beach and volleyball court. You will be ferried to the island from pre-decided pick-up points.

Kite Beach  Dubai

Kite Beach

Kite Beach is preferred and renown in Dubai for its outside door games activities. Kite beach Dubai activities comprise Kite Surfing, Volleyball, and Soccer on lavender and Kayakers. The beach has warm water and visitor like to dive in the sea and revel in sea waves. The shore doesn't have any center and due to those people come here using their own hats. From the low tide, an individual can appreciate long shore with view of Burj al Arab.

The beach is known as Wollongong Beach due to its location. Kite Beach founds reverse the Al Manara Road junction or just following the World Project Office.

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