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Deep Dive Dubai - Worlds Deepest Pool - Timings Location How to Reach

 Dubai is again breaking records with Deep Dive Dubai, the world's largest underwater attraction! The pool was built to resemble a living coral reef in order to simulate an authentic diving experience. With this as its inspiration, it will be home to some of the most iconic species on Earth like manta rays and turtles while also being one of only six places where you can snorkel among whale sharks! Deep Dive Dubai is not just about sightseeing; there are plenty more ways that visitors can enjoy themselves here too from scuba-diving lessons taught by certified instructors or taking part at water polo matches using state-of-the art equipment supplied by Olympic partners

Deep Dive Dubai

Deep Dive Dubai – World's deepest pool - Facts

  • ·         At a jaw-dropping depth of 60 meters (about 197 feet), it has been certified as the ‘Deepest Pool for Diving’ by Guinness Book of Records.
  • ·          It is double the size and holds more than twice as much water volume than Poland’s Deep spot, which was previously considered to be world's deepest pool with its maximum diveable depths at 36 m/118 ft. in 4°C or 39 °F fresh water.
  • ·         Interestingly, before opening only three months ago, Deep Spot could claim this title on account that there were no other pools deeper then…
  • ·         Deep Dive Dubai is a household name in the UAE.
  • ·         Equivalent to about six Olympic size swimming pools, this water attraction features over 14 million liters of freshwater and an advanced purification system that leaves swimmers pleasantly surprised.
  • ·         If you're looking for some cool fun on your next visit, be sure not to miss out!
  • ·         The pool’s centerpiece highlight is its underwater city that has been meticulously designed to take after an abandoned sunken city enhanced by the cutting-edge sound and lighting system.
  • ·          It also home to the largest of its kind in this region, with highest professional safety standards for a comfortable diving experience
  • ·          The temperature is maintained at a cool 30 degrees Celsius or 86 Fahrenheit so you can enjoy your dive without any worries about overheating
  • ·         The hyperbaric facility onsite handles all emergencies while 55 plus scuba cameras are set up under water - live footage from our website!

Deep Dive Dubai – Timings, Location, How to Reach

Timings of Deep Dive Dubai

It has flexible time booking options – Check out availability slots here


Underwater Film Studio -Location in Dubai

Deep Dive Dubai, Nad El Sheba 1, Dubai, UAE

How to Reach

By Bus: Find out public transportation near to Al Quoz 2 and Hire taxi from Nearby bus stop

By Metro: Far Nearest to Deep Dive Dubai is Dubai Mall/ Business bay metro Station

Deep Dive Dubai - World's Deepest Pool

 ·        Deep Dive Dubai is the ultimate destination for those who want to dive in comfort as it features a diving pool that goes deep up to 60 meters and never takes its visitors outdoors.

·         Its cutting-edge facilities are also set indoors, making your much awaited dives even more of an adventure!

·        Willing to experience Scuba Diving? We offer internationally recognized courses for all levels of divers. This ranges from entry-level courses, which are perfect if this is your first time going underwater or if the experience has been years in between dives!

·         If you're a seasoned pro who wants to refine their skills and learn new techniques such as freediving so that they can stay down longer with more breath control, we have those lessons too! Whatever program suits your needs best will be customized according to what course fee fits within your chosen package - meaning no matter where on the spectrum of expertise you fall, Deep Dive Dubai has an ideal class waiting for you.

Things to do at Deep Dive Dubai

·        Deep Dive Dubai promises to provide you with the most surreal diving experience. One of their three categories

  • ·         Discover, is exclusively for those who want an underwater adventure and will not be disappointed by what they find when playing chess or trying out some cool arcade games under water.
  • ·        Deep Dive Dubai is an Ordinary Studio it will be largest of its kind Underwater Film Studio in the middle east region. The studio features a media editing room and video wall that creates diverse moods for your recording needs.
  • video wall that creates diverse moods for your recording needs.
  • ·        With up to date facilities to hold conferences and meetings as well as offer catering services, Deep Dive Dubai also doubles best venue option when looking into throwing special events!

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