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8 signs and symptoms that indicate its time for AC Repair service | Maintenance

 When is the right time to call AC Repair Service in Dubai? Here are 8 signs and symptoms that indicate its time for AC Repair service.

AC Repair  Service  Dubai

1: Faulty AC Remote Control or Wall Controller - AC Service

If your air conditioner remote control or wall controller is not working properly, then check whether it has a low battery. It is possible that the remote control is malfunctioning if the problem persists. Contact AC Repair service to get your remote control checked and repaired or replaced if needed.

2: Wet Condensate Drainage from Air Conditioner

If water is draining out of condensation drain, then check and clean both ends of drainage tube till it connects to the air conditioner. Check the drain pan of AC to see if it is full of water and completely clean. If after cleaning water still drains out, get in touch with AC Repair service for a check up and repair or replacement as required.

3: Dirty Air Filter

Air filters are essential components of any air conditioner because they help control dust particles entering inside the AC. Even a single particle of dust can cause a serious problem to your AC and other costly components like compressor, PCB and contactors. On a daily basis, air filters should be checked to determine if they need to be cleaned or replaced. You'll notice less cooling efficiency if the air filter is dirty so pay special attention to regularly clean or replace it with new one.

4: AC Overheats

While your air conditioner is cooling one room, you can feel heat in another room. It's a clear sign of faulty wiring or improper installation. To avoid any damage to your AC, take help from AC Repair service for regular check-up’s and repairs as required.

5: Clogged Air Filter or Dirty Air Filter in Split AC

If your split AC doesn't have an air filter or the existing one is clogged with dirt or dust particles, then it adversely affects cooling process and causes overheating of coils. Clean the air filter regularly to ensure proper functioning of AC. You can check whether an air filter is present by opening a service panel. If there is no air filter, you'll see the coils wrapped in white paper.

6: Leaking of Refrigerant

If your AC is not cooling properly and giving less efficiency, then you should check for leaks in piping and connection between evaporator coil and compressor or condenser coil and compressor. You can check for a leak by using a refrigerant detector or liquid gauge. If it shows a leak then contact AC Repair service for replacement of the faulty part.

7: Plastic Smell near AC

If there is a chemical-like smell near your air conditioner, then it's not normal and can cause serious damage to your health as well as AC. This may happen if there is corrosion in cooling coils or evaporator. You should repair this part to avoid further damage and enjoy comfort at your home.

8: AC's Cooling Coil is Dirty

If you notice a dusty or dirt accumulated on the top of cooling coil, then it means that the coil has not been cleaned for long time. Dust or debris can reduce the efficiency of AC as it does not let cool air reach its compressor. Regularly ensure that cooling coils are clean and free from particles to get maximum cooling output.

If these problems persist, then you should contact AC Repair service for a check-up and repair or replacement as required. They will help you identify the fault and fix it at earliest.

Contact: AC Repair Dubai Call 050-8602799 / E-mail: Acrepairs@s2fix.com

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