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Street pani puri recipe | pani puri ka pani | water | masala | Video

The following recipe for pani puri is illustrated with photographs.

 An Indian street food known as pani puri consists of fried dough balls (puri) containing potatoes, sprouts, water or sweet chutney.

Panipuri Recipe - India's favourite Street food

Unlike other pani puri recipes, this one does not require the preparation of the tamarind chutney.

It is my mother's recipe for pani, or spiced water, and to save time, she would prepare the pani so it would have a balance of spicy, tangy, and sweet flavors. There are no differences in taste between these three flavors - teekha, khatta, and meetha. On the other hand, spicy and sweet chutneys are generally prepared separately.

I have been eating pani puri or golgappas since I was a child. In Bangalore I used to enjoy them frequently with my family on the streets.

Pani puri can be described as | What is Pani Puri?

It is a hollow crisp ball of puffy, puffed dough made of puffed crisp dough. Pani literally translates to water. In general, the water or pani is sour and tangy, with a spicy taste. The sweetness of tamarind chutney balances the heat of the pani.

In Hindi, this sweet sauce is known as Meetha Pani (sweet chutney). Traditional names for this beverage include Teekha Pani (meaning spicy water). Both of these ingredients are included in the puri in addition to the main filling comprised of boiled potatoes, chickpeas, moong sprouts, or a thick, dry curry consisting of white peas called Ragda.

Who Invented Pani Puri?

Its a Nice Question but frankly not aware of who invented pani puri recipe but its a one of best Street food in all parts of India.

This type of dish is known as Golgappa in the northern states and as Puchka in Bengal.

In addition to being both spicy, tangy and sweet, this pani recipe is sweet.  Its not Mandatory to include Tamarind chutney every time as addon flavor. Alternatively, you can make the sweet chutney and serve it with the pani puri if you prefer a sweeter taste. 

Pani Puri Recipe Video

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