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5 Cocktails to Try When in Abu Dhabi

 Although located in the Middle East, Abu Dhabi takes pride in having some of the best bar scenes, with alcoholic beverages made and served by the best bartenders known all over the world.

Do keep in mind, though, that drinking in Abu Dhabi bars and restaurants can be quite expensive, so factor that into your travel budget or simply buy from a liquor store in Abu Dhabi. If you’re a resident, you need to apply for a liquor license if you wish to purchase and transport alcohol within city limits.

Keep these things in mind as you go through this unique and interesting list of cocktails you might want to try soon or while planning your next Abu Dhabi trip.


Liquor Store in AbuDhabi

Abu Dhabi’s Most Delightful Cocktails to Try

Below are the top cocktails you should try and where to enjoy them if you’re in Abu Dhabi:


1.   Enamorada

COYA is a restaurant located in Al Maryah Island. It is known for its delectable authentic Peruvian cuisine, vibrant ambiance and incredible live music performances.

Its onsite bar, Pisco, offers a variety of Peruvian cocktails and mocktails that will tickle your tastebuds.

One of the best cocktails you should order here is the Enamorada. It is a fresh and fruity drink that combines COYA’s signature Pisco, mazamorra morada, bittersweet orange liqueur and Kahlua.

It is a great beverage to drink as you enjoy the music or to pair with the restaurant’s well-known dishes, such as ceviche, tiraditos, and anticuchos or grilled fish, meat and vegetable skewers.


2.   Bahala Na (Let Spirits Lead the Way)

ANNEX is a three-floor social space, the first of its kind in Abu Dhabi. Its rooftop bar offers incredible views of the Al Bateen Marina. It also has a club that features live international and local DJs and an experimental cocktail bar.

Both venues, plus its lounge, offer a wide array of shareable food and fantastic libations, including Bahala Na or Let Spirits Lead the Way. This Filipino-inspired and named cocktail is a concoction made of melon, Bacardi Rum, Monte Alban Mezcal, and Gran Marnier.

The resulting beverage is a fruity, creamy and refreshing drink that will leave you wanting for more.


3.   The Sakura

As one of the most popular bars in the world, you can expect Abu Dhabi’s Buddha-Bar to offer an exciting cocktail and mocktail menu that excites every palate.

Buddha-Bar Beach Abu Dhabi is located on Saadiyat Island. It provides scenic views of the Arabian Gulf, allowing you to relax as you enjoy your food and drink.

While here, you won’t go wrong with ordering Buddha-Bar’s signature cocktail, the Sakura. It is a beverage made of pomegranate puree, champagne, apricot liqueur and raspberry cordial. It’s a great drink to sip as you take in the picturesque ocean views.


4.   The Library Negroni

Located at The Abu Dhabi EDITION, the Library Bar is a quiet and classy space perfect for post-work or pre-dinner drinks. It boasts a sophisticated interior, with elegant furniture and tasteful artwork.

It is a popular go-to spot for professionals looking for a place where they can enjoy their choice of beverage as they socialize with their companions.

If you’re craving for a cocktail, opt for The Library Negroni. It is a blend of Ginca Peruvian gin, Campari, LBV port, and plum-infused vermouth.

These ingredients give this drink an incredible flavor combination of bitterness and sweetness with some herby notes.


5.   The Desert Snapper

The St. Regis Bar is reminiscent of New York’s old-school bars. It has three lounge spaces offering guests enough room to relax, socialize or celebrate regardless of the occasion.

The bar boasts an eye-catching mural depicting scenes of camel and horse racing, a popular Arabic sport. It also has an impressive book-lined library.

Diners have an exciting array of bar bites and desserts to choose from. The bar’s extensive beverage list featuring classic and signature drinks ensures you find something great to pair with your food.

One of the cocktails you have to order here is the Desert Snapper, a play on the bar’s signature Bloody Mary. It combines lemon vodka, lemon, za’atar, Tabasco, tomato and cucumber juice.

This cocktail is inspired by the emirate’s fascinating culture and rich aromas and tastes.

Just remember that when you are in Abu Dhabi as a tourist, drinking alcohol is only allowed in licensed hotels and bars in the city. You can also consume alcohol in the comfort of your accommodation by purchasing your beverages from a retail store.

If you’re a resident, you need to apply for a liquor license for a fun and carefree drinking experience. With this, you can buy and transport drinks inside the city for consumption inside your home or when gathering at a friend’s house.

Getting your own license is quick and easy. You can apply for it online or visit the Special License Office to obtain your permit.


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