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10 Free Alternatives to Youtube Video | Video Uploading Websites


Free Alternatives to Youtube

Dailymotion.com- popular for its great stories. The best alternative to YouTube and streaming live video. Make sure the video is no larger than 4GB.

Vimeo.com - The popular video sharing site, Vimeo, has been around since 2004. The site features lots of interesting content created by talented creators. After 5GB of use, a monthly fee is charged.

Metacafe - You can also post videos of up to 90 seconds on Metacafe. These videos range from short clips that are valuable to quick videos with no frills. The company is looking to build better communities by finding more creators and viewers.

Vevo - If you enjoy music, you should subscribe. Watch the best videos and build your own playlist. Different genres of music can improve your mind and health.

The Twitch video channel - If you are interested in gaming videos, then please visit the Twitch channel. Currently, the channel is in its infancy. Games can be broadcast on it. However, the videos cannot be rewinded.

The 9Gag TV site- some of you may already be familiar with it if you upload videos to social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. This site has an entertainment section with TV shows and humor.

Veoh- It's free, you can upload as many videos as you want. It has the potential to overtake YouTube in a few years. Friends can easily share videos.

Utreon- the company offers innovative tools for the workplace.Watch all the videos you love. Join our creator community, upload original content, and share it with your community, friends, and the world.

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