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Dubai's Rope Dance Live Performance at Expo 2020 Live

How will the rope dance performance at Dubai Expo 2020 look like? How long will it last? What songs will be played in this performance? These are just some of the questions that will not be answered by Dubai Expo 2020's live performances, but one thing we know for sure is that there will be rope dancers during the event. There will even be a video teaser released prior to Dubai Expo 2020's opening day, so stay tuned and make sure you don't miss out on any details from our exclusive coverage here at Arab News Live!

What is a rope dance?

A rope dance, or rope skipping, is a traditional children’s game in many parts of South Asia. The game involves one or more players spinning a long rope above their heads and moving it with their feet to jump over it without breaking its spin. Players may also use sticks to move around and spin ropes.

How do you learn a rope dance?

Most rope dances are difficult to learn, even for professional dancers. However, there are some basic techniques you can use that will make learning how to do a rope dance much easier. Before you begin practicing, it’s important to develop a fitness routine that builds up your leg and core strength. If you’re not in shape, then all of your energy will be spent trying to keep up with other people on stage and won’t be able to focus on learning how to do a rope dance properly.

A special performance

After commissioning more than 150 events for Dubai’s first ever World Expo in 2020, including live entertainment and fireworks, Dubai is offering its audience a taste of something truly unique—the country’s first professional rope dance performance. The professional dancers and acrobats will perform on 20-meter-high ropes suspended from a platform. This unconventional act, which seems to defy gravity in terms of physical strength and agility, requires great skill and strength.

Here are other dancing competitions in Dubai

Dubai International Dance Festival (IDF) - which takes place annually during January to February. Organized by Dubai Culture & Arts Authority (Dubai Culture), in collaboration with Dubai Sports Council (DSC). The festival is a platform to promote dance and culture arts, as well as creating a social interaction between dancers and all other cultural communities in UAE.

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