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Expo 2020-The Biggest Event of 21st century

Expo 2020
Here from the Emirates, we are likely to have a fantastic tale to tell, covering subjects like the recognition of their importance of artificial intelligence or our adopting of renewable energy. That will fit nicely with the"making the future" bit. Work at the site began some time ago while more countries are announcing their intention to engage and comprehensive planning of the nature of the UAE's own offering to people is currently well underway. It will, I am sure, prove to be a remarkable event, bringing millions of people from home, the area and beyond.

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I wonder, however, whether there is no scope in the context of"linking minds" to look back in our national heritage also. After all, as the country's Founding Father Sheikh Zayed instructed us:"He does not know his past can't create the best of his current and future, for it is from the past that we understand". Using its slogan Connecting Minds, Developing the Future,'' the event appears set to supply many different insights, in a range of ways, into what may lie ahead to an increasingly interdependent world, equally as far as the UAE is concerned and for different countries.

Attention will be attracted by what particular topics? What aspects of society will strike a chord in the minds of people whom we seek to attract as visitors? As we proceed in the future, can we learn from the past? It is here, I think, that we could deploy aspects of our national heritage, not merely to stimulate the interest of potential visitors but also, more broadly, as part of a coherent cultural diplomacy strategy that seeks to promote a better knowledge of the nation. The key isn't so much the discoveries, however fascinating they are, but the lessons they and recent information can offer about the UAE's millennia of relations with different countries and areas.

Therefore, for example, if Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed lately took CNN anchor Becky Anderson around Louvre Abu Dhabi, among the pieces he singled out to demonstrate her found from the early Christian monastery on Sir Bani Yas, an early instance, he noticed, of the UAE's heritage of religious tolerance.

Therefore we seek to encourage the notion of the universality of art and civilization, can it be of relevance that 2,000 decades back, pearls in the UAE were highly prized? Or come in the Gulf? That is a part of the past.   

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