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How to Download Telegram on Huawei Phone?

 Available on a variety of mobile and desktop platforms, Telegram is a free cloud-based instant messaging service. After WhatsApp revealed revisions to its privacy policy that would let it share data with parent firm Meta, the app experienced an unexpected rise in popularity in 2021. There are no size restrictions on media on Telegram, end-to-end encryption in "secret chats," and a massive 200,000-person group chat capacity, among other capabilities available to users. Additionally, there is a Bot API to help developers make their Telegram bots. The software is known for being one of the most privacy-conscious messaging apps, along with Signal. Additionally, as it is open source, Telegram's code offers reproducible builds.

How to install Telegram on Your HUAWEI phone

Telegram has surpassed WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger in several nations as the most widely used instant messaging service. End-to-end encrypted chats are an optional feature of Telegram. ISPs and other network users cannot access data since cloud chats and groups are encrypted between the client and the server. Users can share an infinite number of photographs, documents, user locations, animated stickers, contacts, and audio files. They can also send text messages and voice messages and make voice and video conversations. A user can subscribe to channels.

You can install Telegram from AppGallery, Huawei’s own app marketplace. Once you install the app, messaging will be easy and safe. This article serves as a guide to what exactly Telegram is and what the steps are to download Telegram for Huawei.

Steps to download Telegram on Huawei Devices?

Step 1: Locate AppGallery icon on your Huawei phone’s home screen, then click on it.

AppGallery Huawei Phone Search
Step 2: You’ll find AppGallery at the top of the featured section once it has opened. Type Telegram into the search field, and the app will appear.

How to Search Telegram App from AppGallery

Step 3: Look for "INSTALL" next to the app name on the right side when Telegram for Huawei displays. Select INSTALL.

Tap to install Telegram on AppGallery

Step 4: Allow your phone some breathing room. The installation procedure will begin. Your Huawei phone will go through a few steps to download Telegram. A security check is carried out when the installation package is extracted. If the phone detects any threat, a notice stating as much will appear on your phone.

Step 5: After the Telegram app download for Huawei, Tap Open.

Tap to Open - Telegram on Huawei Smartphones

Step 6: The download of Telegram on your Huawei phone will now be complete after you receive the installation notification on your phone. The app will be accessible from your menu or home page. Ta-da! The Telegram for Huawei is now available for usage.

Telegram Installation Notification


By following the steps mentioned above, you can easily install Telegram on your Huawei phone and enjoy quick, easy, fun, and safe messaging across the globe. For more information, talk to Huawei’s professionals here or watch their short video guide on downloading Telegram on Huawei devices. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Telegram a free messaging app on Huawei Devices?

Yes. Telegram is a free messaging app. The download doesn't require the payment of any amount or anything after that. 

Is the Telegram app encrypted?

All chats on Telegram are encrypted, but the level of encryption you receive varies depending on your chat type. Users may mistakenly feel that their chats are more secure as a result. But group chats cannot use end-to-end encryption; it is only possible for one-on-one conversations.

Is there any difference between the safety of personal and group chats on Telegram for Huawei?

While secret chats benefit from more robust client-client encryption or end-to-end encryption, private chat and group chats are protected by server-client encryption, allowing them to live in the cloud. This implies that nobody else, not even Telegram, can read your messages other than the sender and the recipient. It would be best if you talked through hidden chats to maintain the highest level of privacy.

What kind of channels can I subscribe to on Telegram?

You can subscribe or join any and every channel you want to. You can subscribe to that channel, whatever you are interested in or taste. Some of the best channels on Telegram are- New York Times, Quote, Ask Me, Private Art, Love of Food, etc.

How many people can be added to a Telegram group on a Huawei phone?

Telegram groups can add around 200,000 people. It is possible in no other messaging app.  

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