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 For over a century, the trader has traveled to Dubai in search of spices, pearls, and gold.  with such a strong trade Dubai became known as the city of gold. People from all over the world come to the Emirates to buy gold because they trust that gold, they buy from Dubai is pure. 

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Out of the 11 gold refineries of the United Arab Emirates, the majority are located in Dubai. In addition to this, Dubai is responsible for 80 percent of the total UAE import and export. Dubai gold souk was established in 1940 while the UAE came into existence in 1971. This shows that this place was famous for trade and economy before the country even came into existence. There was a famous saying amongst the traders that if you cannot find pure gold here, you cannot find it anywhere. Gold has also played a significant role in our culture, on specifically in marriage ceremonies.

                                     One of the prime benefits of buying gold from Dubai is that the gold rate in Dubai is much lower than in many countries of the world because it is tax-free here. Furthermore, Dubai produces 24 karats of purest gold. The gold investment business in Dubai is a very profitable opportunity for investors to earn good returns. Many factors influence the gold rate in Dubai like inflation, wedding and festive season, global movement, interest rate trends, and the value of the international currency. In this article, we will describe the reasons that make gold so valuable, what are the benefits of buying gold in UAE, and why you should invest in gold by buying or holding it.

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What Makes Gold So Valuable:

                           There are many reasons that make gold so valuable. Firstly, the price of gold does not go down even if the markets are in decline. It can be judged from the point that during the pandemic of Covid-19, gold reached a record high of $2,075 and increased by more than 200$ per ounce during the Russia-Ukraine conflict. This is one of the major reasons why investors find gold so valuable. secondly, gold is pretty inert. It is the least reactive of any metal. So, it won't corrode when exposed to things like water or oxygen. It would not ever rust or tarnish. Gold beats out all other metals, even silver, in value because it's pretty. Its chemical symbol is AU from the Latin name aurum, meaning ‘’shining dawn’’.

Benefits of Buying Gold in the UAE:

There are many reasons to buy gold in the UAE. Some of them are the following.

        The gold of Dubai is 24 karats pure. You should always ask for a gold purity hallmark before buying gold in the United Arab Emirates.

        Secondly, gold in Dubai is cheaper as compared to other countries because they do not include taxes in gold. Furthermore, they have their own gold refineries working in the UAE. Check the latest gold rates here

         Another benefit of buying gold in the UAE is that there is a vast choice of designs. There are multiple designs, that's why you can get the best one from the huge collection.

        While buying gold in UAE, you can buy the gold at a low price by bargaining it. Because shopkeepers can cut off some making costs from it.

        In addition to this, Dubai's gold market is very controlled, organized, and regulated.

Why You Should Invest in Gold by Buying or Holding it:

                                 In the global market scenario, investing in any commodity or financial instrument can lead to uncertainty in your business. Investors look for safe investments that provide guaranteed returns on the investment while investing in valuable commodities. One such commodity that is attracting investors is buying gold. Investment in the gold business in Dubai is trouble-free and secure. Popularly known for its prosperous history, Dubai is one of the major hubs for investing in gold.

                                 Investment in gold provides an exemplary opportunity for investors. Furthermore, gold is one of the most trusted items worldwide. During the time of financial crises, investors prefer to invest in valuable metals. And it has been observed that prices of gold do not fluctuate easily. Hence, gold investment in Dubai provides potentially high profit.

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