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Planning Your Marketing for 2023? by Kishore Dharmarajan

 It seems I can't stop hearing other marketers talk about how great Tik Tok or Instagram is for traffic, but in my personal opinion, nothing trumps search traffic.

Whether it's from organic or paid search listings, the traffic is much more qualified because you have people searching for a solution to a specific problem (i.e. how to fix my acid reflux).

Plannng your marketing for 2023-Digital Marketing Case Studies

Social traffic tends to be interruption marketing and you need to cast a real wide net in order to be able to generate a lot of sales.

Search campaigns are faster and easier to launch using Google or Microsoft Ads than it is to prepare a video for Tik Tok and hope it goes viral.

Yes, no doubt, once you get a video to viral on Tik Tok or Instagram, it can bring in a flurry of sales.

But getting that one video to go viral is the big challenge.

Paid search is an easy way to test a product or service.

If you're bidding on very targeted keywords and still can't get your sales copy to convert, you're going to have an even harder time getting it to convert for social traffic.

I've spent a lot of time testing and understanding Ads platform because they tend to be much more easier to scale.

What's even more interesting is that now you can use the power of advertising and combine it with the Metaverse in a smart way.

Not many people are aware of this.

The combination of web2.0 traffic and web 3.0 traffic can deliver billions of ad impressions each month over owned metaverse properties, syndicated partners and audience network.

If you are planning your marketing for 2023 and it does not have the Metaverse component you could be a marketer who is frozen in time and planning from way back in 2001.

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