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How to Travel from Dubai to Qatar By Road - Here is the Procedure to Follow | FIFA Worldcup 2022

 #dubai #UAE #qatar #FIFAWorldCup #byroad Travelled from dubai to Qatar by car in November 18 , 2022 and returned Dubai . 

Documents - mandatory * passports * Hayya entry permit *saudi multiple visa for hayya fan - 90 riyal * Saudi insurance for vehicle (one week - 138 riyal ) 

Dubai to Qatar Travel By Road Experience - Fifa 2022

1. Uae Border exit was easy and very simple process . 

2. Entry in Saudi - we park the car and approached immigration hall they took our fingerprints , after finish through customs, car insurance (for a week) was easily purchased for SAR138 with a credit card.

 3 Drive through Saudi almost 150 Km to salwa port , we can park the car up to 4 day’s maximum plenty of parking spots available 

4.near to parking slots in salwa port (Saudi Arabia ) السياره bus available to Abu samara (Qatar ) between this we approached immigration hall in Saudi and cleared our exit procedures and security checkings .

 5. After security checks bus will drop in Abu samara Qatar boarder we approached immigration hall and very easy process immigration and security checking

 6 after security checks in Abu samara we got anther bus to Doha (Messila metro station 

Notes : 

* parking in Saudi salwa boarder is government organized and entirely safe and free of cost .

 *All transportation in qatar (bus , metro , tram ) is free cost for Hayya card holders So please pack your bags and enjoy the World Cup * almost 8 immigration stamp and 3 country crossing so please prepare for that 

Enjoy your safe trip

 By ajmal salim

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