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Standard Hot Air Balloon Package in Dubai | How to Book | Pricing | Start hours


Hot Air Baloon Ride Dubai

Our hot air balloon will take you around the iconic Dubai desert, letting you enjoy and explore the desert in a very relaxing way. The balloon rides at our company start just before sunrise, so this is the perfect package if you are an enthusiast who enjoys balloon rides. In order for you to see the natural beauty all around you, you have to wake up early in the morning and take a drive in the early hours of the morning. Experience a unique hot air balloon inflation followed by a pre-flight briefing before boarding the basket and gliding across the vast expanse of the desert of Dubai for an unforgettable adventure.

Hot Air Baloon Ride Dubai - Package list

It is possible to choose from three types of packages when booking a hot air balloon flight in Dubai Standard Hot Air Balloon Package - AED 1100 Deluxe Hot Air Balloon Package - AED 1209 Adventure Hot Air Balloon Package- AED 1399

Hot air  Balloon Tours Dubai


How to Book Hot Air Balloon Adventure Trip in Dubai Online

With and, you can book a hot air balloon tour starting at AED 1100. Enjoy a sunrise trip at the Plain Desert Area in the Margham Desert in the Dubai neighbourhood, experience an open flight in the air and enjoy the scenery. Book a memorable trip today!

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