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Redefining Speed and Luxury - McLaren 720S | Rent a Car Dubai

Rapidly growing modern technology has introduced incredible advancements in each era of life. However, luxury cars truly present a perfect blend of innovative and luxury approaches. From famous Lamborghini to Nissan patrol and Ferrari to high-ranked McLaren 720S all are the incredible tools of Modern technology to witness the comfort and feel of luxury from all angles. However, the stylish design and usefulness of the McLaren 720S are unbeaten. Therefore, supercar lovers always prefer this brand of car over premium cars for daily usage.

Luxury Car Rentals in Dubai

The extremely high price of the McLaren 720S is nothing for its marvelous features and luxurious specifications. Rental car centers are the best alternative to modern cars to enjoy a luxurious ride inside your dream car.

McLaren 720S's style and dynamic design help to stand it on top in terms of useful and innovative technology. With a speed of 212mph and a higher level of entertainment features, it's quite fun to ride this super-luxury car. You can also rent McLaren 720s in Dubai, and enjoy its exhilarating features:

 Here are the highlights of its extensively modified and luxurious but useful features. 


High Standard Interior

The interior of luxury cars presents the image of their quality and brand. More luxurious the interior, the more the demand and price of the vehicle. Therefore, McLaren always works hard on the design and material of the interior. McLaren's interior with a perfect combo of evolution, style, and strength makes it a more useful and luxury car than all other versions of McLaren. Leather wearing upholstery with a blend of carbon fiber enhances the grace and comfort of the interior.

The driving seat is the main focus to provide ultimate safety and comfort spooned with luxury. Therefore, it provides fixed racing seats and an automatic driving display feature on the back of the steering that assists the driver on various tracks. A dual driving system enhances the comfort level. Automatic Sliding doors with a feature of upward rotation bring an extra luxurious touch. 

Turbocharged Engine and Classic Performance

The important tool that brings soul to all types of vehicles is their engine. The quality of the engine determines the efficiency and speed of cars. Therefore, luxury car manufacturers always use high-class and powerful engines to ensure a smooth and fast drive. V8 turbocharged engine creates a barrier between the McLaren 720S and previous models of British McLaren automotive.

 This influential M840T engine with a rated power of 720 PS is the real highlight of the McLaren logo “everything for a reason”. The reason is that it enables the car to run at a speed of 212mph on all types of roads. The maximum torque production of McLaren is 568 Ib.ft. Its heavy engine allows the rider to cover 100mph in just 2.9 seconds. The maximum speed limit of 341mph enables you to cover 402m long-distance within 10-11seconds. Therefore, it holds the title of leading efficiency. 

Stunning Exterior

The first glance of a Luxury car is crucial because it attracts the customers to know more about it. Therefore, McLaren always provides something extra unique, stunning, and luxurious. McLaren 720S exterior is the exhibition of stylish and mesmerizing but beneficial art. Each curve and arch is responsible for performing a specific function. Vast ducts of its automatic and dual system doors ensure the cooling of its twinning V8 turbocharged engine. The rotating rooftop is designed to provide a dual driving mode. HD front light view with back twilights perfectly balances the beauty and blessings. Moreover, its large tires with a 710 horsepower add more glamor and indulgence which is a strong appealing feature of sports cars. 

Next-Level Safety

Luxury sports cars with advanced safety tools are the trademark of McLaren. Therefore, keeping their tradition alive they provide the McLaren 720S with an extensive system of automatic security tools. Four types of airbags rescue the driver, and other passengers from all directions to minimize the effect of collision. Automatic warning systems such as over-speed warming, out-of-fuel warning, flash braking, and automatic door lock system are always on alert to make the ride secure and hassle-free. The seat Belt and child protection system are the core features of the McLaren 720S that help it to stand out from the competition. Just like other top-ranked sports cars McLaren 720S provides an emergency tool kit to tackle any mishap. 


McLaren 720S is a multitude of luxury, style, and efficiency.  Whether you can afford to buy it or not, One Click Drive is an excellent rental car service to hire and enjoy the comfort and luxury ride of this supercar at cheap rates.

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