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Here is a tip for jobseekers in digital marketing Dubai - by Kishore Dharmarajan

Here is Some tips for Digital Marketing Job Seekers

Finding a first marketing job is not easy for anyone. It seems that every agency or brand seeks someone with experience, regardless of whether you are new to the industry or freshly out of college.

 So how do you get that experience without actually having a job? There are several ways you can stand out from the crowd.

 This is even if you are competing against many applicants who have completed internships, earned high grades, and require cash fast. Following is a list of tips on how to get your first marketing job.

Become a deep expert in one segment. So for example, become a Adwords Search Expert.

This is more difficult than you imagine.

I have been using Adwords since 2007 and I am still learning.

The brilliance of Google Engineers is that you can learn Adwords in 10 mins but it takes 10 years to really master it.

Digital Marketing  Dubai Job Seekers Tips

So become a Search Expert or a GDN expert.

If Google is not to your liking, become a Social Media Marketing Expert who is good in running ads.

Or become a content expert.

Whatever you do, do not go in as a generic jack of all trades as that's an indication that you might not have real expertise.

Also, notice that I did not talk about credentials or certificates and that's not an accident.

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