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Wadi showka hike | Camping | Pools Location |Weather | Directions

 During the cooler months of the year, hiking and camping are popular activities among UAE expats. In recent years, more and more people have discovered new hiking trails that allow them to escape Dubai's concrete jungle and Abu Dhabi's notorious traffic.

The Wadi Shawka trail in Ras Al Khaimah is one of the most popular trails at present. The reason for this is partly due to the accessible location, the picturesque surroundings, and the somewhat challenging route.

Therefore, instead of planning yet another beach weekend, why not explore the Shawka Trail and experience something new? Learn more about it here:

Wadi Showka -UAE Hiking Experience

Top Attractions at Wadi Showka Hiking:-

1. Wadi Showka – Pools Location

The hiking will mostly be over flat terrain, and anyone with a basic level of fitness should be able to complete the trek.

The first pool has a shallow end and you can either walk through it to get to the second pool, which is a bit deeper, or you can bypass it and continue on to the third pool. Depending on how fast you can swim, you will have to either swim through it or turn back a bit and climb a small hill to avoid getting stuck. The situation of the swimming pools at the hike this year is still a mystery to me since the hiker has not been to the hike this year.

To reach the final location at RAK, you'll need a 4X4 or an AWD with good ground clearance. To reach the final meeting point, you will either need to find a ride with a driver who has one, or stop a few kilometers before it to catch a ride in an AWD or 4WD.

It is estimated that the hike will cover approximately 9 kilometers (a walking time of approximately two and a half hours at a slow/normal pace)


Over the Altitude Cant Expect Shop over Hiking Spot so better carry the below things in your Hiking Bag.

  • Water, Food, Cold Drinks for Refreshment 
  • High energy snacks like chocolates to improve Instant Energy,
  • Winter sweaters to help you keep warm in the cold weather carry during winters, 
  • A pair of extra socks because you will be going into the water,
  • Proper hiking shoes to uphold the strength during climbs,
  • Proper clothing which is comfortable during a hike,
  • Hat, Sunscreen lotion, torch, knife, GPS / Offline map,extra battery

2. A loop around the Wadi Modaynah Dam at Showka.

 Shawka Dam Loop stretches over a distance of ten kilometers in the Shawka Dam area of Fujairah, approximately two hours from Dubai. Bike and walker routes are well used in this area, so you should expect good gravel roads or well-trodden paths. 

Visitors will have the opportunity to experience desert life as well as agriculture. The trail generally begins at Shawka Dam and follows the MTB trail. The hike begins from the car park near the dam. Follow a shallow wadi to the SE. Great scenery and wildlife (it is possible to see camels, goats, donkeys, as well as various species of birds). There are many open stretches with no shade, so you will need sun protection as well as sufficient water according to the season.

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