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Why Kids Need to Visit the Dubai Aquarium | Timings | Ticket offer | Wiki | Under Water & Zoo Events

Ever wondered how many secrets the ocean holds; how a whole nother world lives in our world? Imagine if you could be a part of this world for a day, if you could witness thousands of beautiful and colorful fishes swimming together, if you could get close to the sea creatures feared by these fishes. Because that is exactly what the Dubai aquarium offers. The 10 million liter aquarium tank lets you be a part of the beautiful world of blue and see the magnificent sea creatures up close. The  Dubai aquarium tickets offer plenty of surprises. It is more than just an aquarium, as you will find out as you tour the inside of this place. Every level gets even more exciting than the last. It also creates a beautiful learning space for kids and future marine biologists. The aquarium instructor will answer all your questions, regarding the sea creatures. It is a captivating place and kids would definitely love it. With so much to see and so much more to do, here are five reasons why kids need to visit the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo - Why kids need to visit

1.      The fascinating fishes

The Dubai Aquarium is home to thousands and thousands of beautiful, colorful fishes, amounting to over 140 species. The large tank is full of fascinating sea creatures and kids would have a great time trying to name as many species of fishes as they can. The aquarium instructor will teach them all they would like to learn about these fascinating fishes. There is just something so captivating about watching all the colorful fishes swim around in the giant aquarium, kids would definitely love to spend some time here.

2.      Virtual Zoo

A unique Adventure of the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo is its virtual zoo. With virtual reality, you can be transported anywhere you wish and this virtual zoo takes you to the densest forests and deepest waters. Stand up close to nature’s most dangerous predators in their wild habitat and feel the thrill as you see them coming close. Virtual reality has never been so fun as at this Virtual Zoo, where you get to confront the wildest elephants and the angriest gorillas. Take a deep breath and dive further into the ocean than any man dares to go and see what secrets it holds for you.

3.      Tunnel under the Aquarium Tank

Another fascinating feat of this place is the tunnel below the large aquarium tank. Giving you a closer look at the fishes in the aquarium, kids will definitely find this tunnel interesting. It becomes even more fun when a lazy fish or perhaps a shark decides to rest on the tunnel roof. With clear blue water and fishes on all sides, this tunnel feels nothing less than magic. It is extraordinary how your kids can be a part of the sea without going anywhere near it. Let them cherish this beautiful moment where they learn something new about the millions of lives on this earth.

4.      Glass Bottom Boat

Talking about taking a closer look, you can now ride above the aquarium for a much better look. While adults get the opportunity to go inside the aquarium, kids do not need to miss out on all the fun. Ride the glass bottom boat, which has, you guessed it, a glass bottom, so you can look over all the beautiful fishes from above. No matter how many times or how many angels you watch these fishes from, you would still want just a little more. But it is best to try all our options and the kids would have a great time watching the fishes and getting a boat ride on top of that.

5.      Other Animals

If you thought, it is all about fishes and sharks here at the Dubai Aquarium, think again. You get to encounter so many other amazing animals from all over the world and learn more about their nature. The penguins are always a delight to look at and the otters are definitely the cutest. But probably the most captivating is the giant, King Croc. Brought in from Australia, the crocodile is five meters long and weighs a massive 750 kgs. The zoo is another really cool part of the Dubai Aquarium and not something to be missed.


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