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Motiongate Dubai Rides | Tickets | Coupon Codes | Special offers | How to Book

Motion Gate Dubai Tickets| Rides | Special Offers

You must not miss MOTIONGATE Dubai if you want to experience jaw-dropping shows, adrenaline-inducing rides, and endless movie-themed fun! In addition to gravity-defying rides, such as Capitol Bullet Train in The Hunger Games, the park offers immersive experiences like Kung Fu Panda: Unstoppable Awesomeness. The DreamWorks Zone is so large and air conditioned that you can easily enjoy hours of fun and snap some epic photos inside. You can even battle for New York with Ghostbusters, join the Zoosters in Madagascar: Mad Pursuit, fly with Toothless the dragon or simply enjoy hours of fun and snap some epic photos inside. There is an abundance of exciting choices available to everyone who explores the park's five themed zones that are straight from the movies, just like the delicious collection of eateries and exclusive movie merchandise. Get your tickets now and join us at MOTIONGATE Dubai, where rides and movies converge!

Motiongate Dubai - Special Offers

Come on a journey to discover Hollywood like never before by meeting four of the world's most well-known motion picture studios, DreamWorks Animation, Columbia Pictures, Lions Gate, and The Smurfs. Enjoy the motion gate TM theme park and create lasting memories. Explore our four studio zones featuring 40 world-class attractions, and prepare to be awed by the awesomeness that awaits. 


Featuring air-conditioned attractions and play areas, we are pulling out all the stops for your enjoyment! Visit MOTIONGATE Dubai today and experience Hollywood's incredible energy! Be sure not to miss this exciting opportunity.

Regular ticket Price of Motiongate Dubai Costs AED 295 use coupon code "MGOFFER" to get discount of AED 75 use link to claim discount 

Click here to Reserve Your Motiongate Ticket in Discount Rate

Open the MotionGate Dubai One day Pass product while checkout use coupon code "MGOFFER" to get upto AED75 off.

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