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How to Check Du Prepaid/Postpaid data balance Online - du recharge -balance check code

Online access to check the balance and credit of your Du Data account


Want to know how to check the balance of your Du account online? You have come to the right place. Click here to learn more. The UAE is home to two main telecom providers, one of whom is Du Telecom, the other is Etisalat. If you wish to know how to check your remaining balance credits, please follow the instructions we have provided both for post-paid and prepaid lines.

There are two of the most inconvenient experiences a person can have today: not knowing how much credit you have on your mobile (prepaid) and not knowing whether or not you've already exceeded your credit limit (postpaid). 

As long as you have some free data remaining or if you have Internet access, you can check your Du balance whenever and wherever you are. You can find out how to do this in the following section. 

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Here is a guide to checking your Du Balance online 

According to this research, a large number of people in the United Arab Emirates use mobile phones on a daily basis. Do you know that subscribers to Du, one of the leading telecom providers in the UAE, can access their prepaid and postpaid balances and recharge their prepaid accounts online? Here is how to do it:  

Checking the balance of your Du Prepaid card

 Users of Du mobile may check their prepaid balances by using shortcodes. In order to make them easier to remember and shorter than telephone numbers, these codes are unique to each (network) operator. 

If you wish to check your Du mobile prepaid balance, you can use the short code *135# for free.

·         You can dial the short code *135# or type "balance" in your messaging application and send it to 1335.

·         You will receive an SMS with information about the remaining prepaid balance on your du sim.

Note: If a user has consumed 70%, 85%, or 100% of their mobile data, the Du Telecom automatically sends them an email notification.


Furthermore, Du's official online portal provides you with easy access to your mobile prepaid balance: 

·         The official website of du can be accessed through the following link: 

·         Follow the instructions provided after entering your username and password.

·         You will see your account details on your homepage as soon as you have successfully logged in. These will include the number of remaining mobile credits.  


Note: If you wish to access this page, you must have a Du online account. If you do not have an account, click Register Here next to the Login button and follow the directions on the page.  

Checking the balance of the Du Postpaid Data Plan


Additionally, du postpaid sim card users may track their remaining mobile data balance by following one of the following options:

Option-1: Please type "rewards" into the text field and send it to 1223.

·         Using this method, you can check your postpaid balance or data balance easily and offline.

Option-2: Please refer to the du self-care portal to determine your account balance. 

·         To check the balance of your prepaid card online, simply log in and follow the on-screen instructions.  

 How to recharge the balance of a prepaid account with Du?

If you wish to reload your du prepaid balance, there are various methods available:

1.    The fastest way is to use the online quick recharge option

2.    Found under 'My Account', or by selecting the option for automatic recharge

3.    Through the Du App

4.    There are three basic types of scratch cards: scratch cards, easy top-ups, and e-vouchers

5.    Recharge via Payment Machines  

6.    Transfer credit from other du Sim


1. The fastest way is to use the online quick recharge option

This method provides the greatest convenience for those who have access to the Internet in order to recharge their mobile prepaid balances.

·         Check out du's official website (

·         Pay with your debit or credit card by entering your mobile number.


2. Found under 'My Account', or by selecting the option for automatic recharge


As well as recharging/top up your credit, you can also renew your ID documents, check your daily usage, pay your bills, track your payments, and much more using this method. 


3. Through the Du App

 By entering the same credentials you used in the My Account section of the website, you can also check the remaining balance in your outgoing and prepaid account. When you check your account using the du mobile app, you will have access to additional options and features.

With the du App, you can set up an auto-payment facility so that you will not have to worry about not paying your bills. 

It is also possible to make free mobile payments using the app, which is available to both prepaid and postpaid subscribers.

To set up your account for mobile payments, please visit your Selfcare account and enter your credit card information (MasterCard, VISA, Diners Club). Alternatively, you can register your credit card at any of du's outlets in the country to activate this service. 

Du App can be downloaded from the App Store, the Google Play Store, and the App Gallery. 

4. There are three basic types of scratch cards: scratch cards, easy top-ups, and e-vouchers

There are various types of eVouchers and scratch cards available at du. Depending on your needs, you can recharge your prepaid credit with options that range between AED 25 and AED 525.

5. Recharge via Payment Machines  

Payment devices are available in the UAE through which you can top up/recharge your prepaid account. There are approximately 150+ stores that allow you to recharge your account through a payment machine.


6.Transfer Credits from other Du Sim

Anytime, anywhere, you can transfer credit from your mobile phone to any other prepaid subscriber. Subscribers of Mobile Prepaid Voice plans (Pay As You Go, Alo, New Alo, VML, and Extra Social), as well as subscribers of postpaid plans and those with prepaid wallets under the Elite and Emirati plans, may take advantage of this service.  

 The following methods can be used to make use of this feature:

1st Option:

·         Call *121* [recipient's mobile number] *[the amount in AED]

·         Choose 1 for confirmation or 2 for cancellation


2nd Option: 

·         Dial *121#

·         Followed by the recipient's mobile number

·         Along with the AED amount

·         You will receive a confirmation e-mail from du


How to make use of Du's roaming services?

It is convenient to take advantage of du's roaming services while traveling from the UAE to ensure your lines of communication remain open wherever you may be. We have a large network of partners spanning 250 countries worldwide. To get the most out of du's roaming services, the following things should be kept in mind:   


To Activate Roaming Option Before Trip with du Telecom

1.    Before selecting a bundle package that matches your needs for your trip, make sure to check with du's preferred partners in the country you will be visiting.

2.    To take advantage of du's international roaming services, you will need a 3G, 4G, or 5G phone. 

3.    To determine whether your phone's data roaming feature is enabled:

·         Navigate to Settings > Data Roaming

·         And turn the Roaming feature on 

·         For more information about your line's roaming status, you may send SMS 'Roaming' to 5102.


Activating Roaming Pack after Reaching your Destination/ Out of Country


How to check du prepaid/postpaid balance online

·         Once you reach your destination, restart your phone.

·         The phone will automatically reconnect to one of the local networks in your country after it is restarted. If it does not find your preferred network automatically, you can manually connect via your phone's settings.

·         When you turn on your phone in the country you are visiting, you will receive a welcome message.

·         If you wish to monitor your data balance at any time, you may use the du app or visit their online portal at

·         An SMS notification will be sent to you once you have used up 70%, 80%, and 100% of your bundle.

·         In the event that your phone is lost or stolen, you may report it to du's hotline service at +971555678155 so your line can be suspended for five days to prevent any misuse.    

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