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Do you wish to create a website for yourself or for your business? Are you curious as to how much it will cost?

How to Create Website for Your Business How much it cost in UAE?

In that case, you have come to the right place.

There is a great deal of information available on the Internet, making it difficult to determine which source is reliable.

The reason we curated this post, as a team that has helped hundreds of people create their websites, is to help you understand website development costs in UAE.

Let us briefly discuss why you require a website before we begin.


website design UAE

Is a website necessary for your business?

As a medium of communication, it facilitates the exchange of information between you and your audience.

Your business will be more credible and trustworthy as a result.

Your audience will gain a greater understanding of your offerings.

You will stand out from your competition if your website is well designed.

The above reasons demonstrate the importance of having a website.

It is likely that you are thinking, “This all sounds great. However, what is the exact cost of website development in UAE?”.”

However, before I describe the website development costs in UAE, it is important to understand that there are two methods of building a website,

Create a site from scratch on your own,

Engage a web development agency to build it for you.

The two approaches each have their own specific costs, requirements, advantages, and disadvantages.

We will present here two examples of how much it costs to build a website.

Let us now take a look at the costs involved in developing a website on your own.

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The cost of creating your own website is approximately how much?

Whenever you build a website from scratch all by yourself, you need to make sure that every aspect of the site works properly.

Having said that, let's take a closer look at some of the necessary things you need to invest in order to ensure the functionality of your website.

Hosting & Domains for your site

  • Your website's appearance
  • Live Chat is one of the additional features
  • Setup of eCommerce features
  • The maintenance of a website
  • Site Content & Copy
  • Website responsiveness

Domain registration and hosting services

You will need a domain name to identify your website, and a hosting package to put all your files on your website. Visitors are likely to notice your domain first, so it should be straightforward, easy to remember, and in keeping with your brand. Furthermore, the performance and speed of your site are determined by your hosting service.

In this regard, you should consider if the server locations are closer to your audience when selecting a hosting platform. It is now time to examine the costs involved in getting a domain and hosting in UAE.

Domain & Hosting Costs:

Domains can be purchased in UAE for a price between AED 15 and AED 150, and hosting plans are available for a price range of  AED 49 to AED 199 per month.

Prices for domain registration vary according to the availability of the domain, its extensions (such as .com, .in, .net, .org, etc. ), the registrar, etc.

Moreover, hosting costs vary depending on the type of hosting used (shared, cloud, dedicated, etc.), the amount of storage space, the number of visitors to the website per month, etc.

Further, you should be aware that some web hosting companies provide free domains, SSL certifications, and professional email services. The savings can be substantial.

Please take a moment to review the most popular hosting platforms available in UAE. 

The appearance of your website

Designing a website's appearance requires you to take into account two main factors.

  • Please specify the theme of your website.
  • Logo for your website.
  • In simple terms, a website theme is the design and layout of your website. With the help of themes, we can change our website’s look, feel, and style in a single click. Free and premium themes are available for download online.

Our advice is to purchase a paid theme for your website if you wish to have the perfect website.

If you have not yet decided whether to purchase a paid theme, you might be wondering what the purpose is. The following reasons explain why you should purchase a paid theme:

  • The website should have a unique design
  • It is important for the user experience to be as smooth as possible
  • Compatibility with all major web browsers
  • Design layouts that are compatible with mobile devices
  • Updating regularly to maintain security
  • Compatible with plugins, extensions, applications, etc.
  • In light of this information, you understand why a paid theme is a better option for your website than a free theme.

Another important aspect of your website's appearance is its logo. The identity of your company is greatly influenced by your logo.

Looking at the logos of some of the world's leading brands, such as Apple, Nike, and Amazon, it is evident that each logo represents the company in a specific way.

To design a logo for a website is similar to designing a logo for a company

In order to differentiate yourself from your competitors, you need to make sure that your website represents your brand.

The cost of designing a website and creating a logo

The cost of a theme for a website can range from AED 100 to AED 300. In contrast, the cost of a logo can range from AED 150 to AED 600 .

Creating a logo requires creativity and storytelling skills, so engaging a professional to do it for you is a wise choice.

Please refer to our article on How to Make a Logo in 5 Minutes for more information if you would like to design your own logo.

Our website offers live chat services

Do you consider having a live chat feature on your website to be beneficial?

Here is the short answer.

A live chat feature is a valuable asset for any business offering products and services.  

There are a number of potential customers who are hesitant to contact by telephone or e-mail because they are concerned with the time and effort involved. But if your website has a live chat feature, it gives them a way to quickly contact you, ask their questions, and make their purchase. You can also use this feature to understand what your customers are struggling with and how to address those issues in order to improve your business.

Live Chat Feature Costs

It is time to implement a live chat feature on your website if you have not already done so. The cost of setting up a live chat on your website in UAE ranges from AED 100 to AED 200.

We will then examine the cost of setting up eCommerce features.

Setup of e-commerce features

You should ensure that your customers have a seamless purchasing experience on your website if you are selling products or services. These features are typically expensive to implement.

Payment gateway integration is a crucial component of eCommerce.

Your website needs to be equipped with a payment gateway in order to receive payments from your customers.

Ecommerce Setup Costs

You should expect to pay between AED 300 and AED 500 for an Payment Gateway integration.

Setting up all the eCommerce features on a website is estimated to cost between AED 799 and AED 2999.

Website Maintenance

Building a website is a continuous process that cannot be completed when the website has been successfully completed. You must perform site maintenance in order to have a website that functions properly. 

The best way to accomplish this is through the hiring of experts. 

What do they actually do? You might wonder. 

Following are just a few reasons why website maintenance should be a non-negotiable for your business: 

To ensure the health and functionality of your website

The purpose of SEO optimization is to optimize links, taglines, meta descriptions, etc. 

Updating your site with all the latest WordPress and security updates, as well as plugins, themes, etc., is essential. 

Maintaining regular backups of your website and correcting any errors that may occur. 

The cost of maintaining a website

In UAE, the cost of maintaining a website starts at AED 299 to AED2999 per month. 

Site Content & Copy

An important aspect of your business' success is the content on your website. Any type of content can be used, including words, images, videos, animations, illustrations, etc. Your website's content is what conveys your business and its products and services to your potential customers. 

Copywriting is a form of persuasive writing that aims to compel your audience to make a purchase. A website's content and copy play an important role in establishing your brand, increasing trust and credibility, and introducing your brand to your audience. 

Additionally, content on your website contributes to search engine optimization, which allows your site to appear high in Google search results. As a result, you will be able to attract more traffic to your website, and this in turn will result in higher revenues for your business.

Costs associated with content and copy on your site

As you now understand the importance of content and copy for your website, let us examine the cost. 

An experienced copywriter would charge around AED50 to AED 200 per page to curate the content for your website in UAE.

Next, we will examine the final aspect that needs to be considered when developing a website in UAE. 

When it comes to the cost of a blog, business website or portfolio website, the range is from AED999 to AED4999.

Making an e-commerce site responsive starts at AED 4000 for an e-commerce website.

If you use websites creating platforms such as WordPress or Wix to create your site, you will find that most of the themes and templates are designed to be responsive. 

Additionally, there is no need to change CSS style codes in this case since your website will automatically look proper on all major devices and screens.

Your business requires a responsive website? Contact us today!

Costs associated with building a website on your own

A website built by yourself might appear to be a cost-effective option, but this is not an easy task. When you decide to build your own website, you will need to master a number of skills and responsibilities.

A website designer's skills are vital when it comes to making your website look appealing, creating a user-friendly layout, adding additional functionality, etc.

To gain a greater understanding of the detailed costs involved in developing a website on your own, please look at the following table.

Website that is mobile-friendly

Did you know that mobile devices account for more than half of all website traffic? Thus, your website must look good and have a cleaner user interface not only on desktop computers, but also on mobile devices, tablets, etc. 

Responsive websites look great on all devices. Nowadays, people use a variety of gadgets for their browsing activities. These devices vary considerably in their size and shape. For this reason, it is imperative that you have a responsive website for your business. 

To make your website responsive, you will need to hire an expert who is acquainted with programming to edit the code, CSS styling, and design of your website in order to make it suitable for all screen sizes. 

Responsive Website Costs

Creating a responsive website requires more time, and professional guidance is also needed to ensure it is compatible with different devices. 

Costs associated with developing a responsive website in UAE depend on the following factors: 

Types of websites

The number of pages on the website

Features and functionality of the website

It takes a considerable amount of time for the site to become responsive, etc.  

On average, the cost of making an already existing website responsive ranges between AED 2000 and AED 20,000.

How much Domain cost in UAE

AED 15 to AED 150

What are best hosting process in UAE?

AED49 - AED 199 per month

Themes cost 

AED 99-AED 399 -one time 

Professional Logo

AED 200 to AED 499

Live Chat Feature

AED 49 to AED 199 Per month

Payment Gateway Integration

AED 200 to AED 500

Lead Gen Form

AED 150 to AED 300

Ecommerce Features

AED 999 to AED 3999

Website Maintenance

Starts from AED 299 per month

Site Content & Copy

AED 50 to AED 300 per page

Responsive Website

Starts from AED 299 per month

It is estimated that the cost of creating a website on your own will be between AED 1999 – AED 4999. 

In the case of an e-commerce site, it would cost you between AED 2999 to AED 5999.

Costs of this service can vary greatly based on the nature of your business and website.

It is therefore important to remember that the website development cost in India will depend on your business and website requirements. So, if you would like to build the website by yourself, we recommend you to take a look at our article on How to Create a Website for a step-by-step guide.

As far as the website is concerned, I will build it myself

I need assistance with building my website

When building a site on their own, people often encounter the following challenges:

Enhancing customization capabilities,

Resolving problems with your website,

Establishing connections with external services, etc.

The following factors enhance the user experience on your website and increase the credibility of your business.

It is now possible for you to take the easy route rather than going through all of this effort on your own and gambling on your website's success.

Thus, we come to the second method of creating a website, which is by engaging a web design or development firm.

You can focus solely on your business by allowing professionals to manage all aspects of your website.

An agency that provides web development services

An agency that develops websites. Based on its name, it is a group of professionals who possess expertise in a variety of fields and strive toward a common goal.

A web design agency can construct two different types of websites.

A static website is different from a dynamic website. 

Websites with static content display the same content to all their visitors. This type of site uses only HTML codes and is limited in number of pages. These sites are relatively simple to build and are cost-effective.

Small businesses and educational institutions often benefit from static websites. As the majority of their content is informational, these websites are simple and remain the same for all audiences. 

In the second category, we have dynamic websites. Due to the fact that these sites provide different content to different users, as well as an opportunity for them to interact with your website, they are more difficult to create. Depending on the visitor's preferences, previous browsing history, etc., you can display different content. 

Dynamic websites include OTT platforms like Netflix and shopping sites like Amazon.

Similarly to how Netflix recommends similar shows & movies to each user based on their interests, Amazon recommends different products and deals based on the interests of each individual user. Using this approach, users can experience a unique experience and interact with the website smoothly. 

It is evident that a dynamic website is more functional and therefore costs more than one that is static. Thus, e-commerce sites, large businesses, educational websites with training courses are well suited to this type of website.

Furthermore, a number of other factors can also influence the cost of building your website. 

They are: 

The difference between a basic and a premium website design

Websites created by coding versus websites created by CMS

Web design: comparing the basic and premium versions

Typically, a web developer creates a basic website based on your requirements. This reduces the time and costs associated with developing these websites. 

A premium website, however, can be more time-consuming and cost more.

The creation of a perfect website for your business requires extensive planning, research, audience psychology, and an experienced marketing team. 

Websites created by coding versus websites created by CMS

The next step is to build a website in two ways. 

Coding in languages such as HTML, CSS, PHP, etc. 

Utilizing a CMS platform like WordPress, Wix, Shopify, etc.

In the past, the only way to create a website was through coding. To create a website with various functionalities, web developers write thousands upon thousands of lines of code in languages such as HTML, CSS, PHP, etc. 

A website can be constructed in this manner. 

However, you can also use a content management system (CMS) like WordPress, Wix, etc., where all the coding is already done for you and you only need to add content visually. 

Each of these methods has its own advantages, disadvantages, costs, amount of time needed for development, functionality, and design. 

You can choose the method of building your website according to your needs and the type of functionality you wish to include.

Costs associated with hiring an agency to develop your website

An agency specializing in web development can create a stunning website for you after hiring experts.

It is possible to accomplish this in two ways.

Developing websites using themes and plugins (free and paid).

We provide custom web development based on your specifications.

It will cost approximately  AED  500 to build a website using themes and plugins,

Approximately AED 2000 to AED 5000 if it is a small business website,

An eCommerce website costs approximately  AED 3500 to develop.

Moreover, if a website is custom-built, it can cost more than AED 5,000 for a small business website and more than AED 10,000 for an e-commerce website.

Types of Website

Website design for small businesses

An e-commerce website

Built Using themes & plugins*

AED 2500 - AED 5000

Custom build

AED 5000+ to AED 10,000+

What is the purpose of hiring an agency?

This reduces the time, money, and energy spent on building your website - Compared with the usual website development costs in India, you can hire an agency to reduce the costs and focus on other areas of your business.

You will avoid learning exhaustion - The process of developing a website on your own is quite demanding. You are required to constantly learn and update the system due to its steep learning curve. An agency that specializes in web development can save you a great deal of time and stress.

Having a team of website experts with distinct skill sets allows a web development agency to offer comprehensive expertise and efficiency. As a result, websites are built that are flawless in every aspect and work is completed more rapidly.

Providing constant support and maintenance - When you hire an agency, you are entitled to constant support and maintenance of your website.

It is important to keep in mind that hiring an agency or building a site on your own may be the best option for your business. 

Consequently, here are a few instances where you should probably create your own website: 

Budget constraints limit your choices

Whenever you are on a tight budget, it is preferable to do the website development yourself rather than hire an agency. 

 There is plenty of time on your hands

The process of creating a website is a lengthy and sometimes error-prone one. You may be able to create a basic website by yourself, provided you have the time, energy and resources to do so. 

There is no need for a premium website

An effective premium website requires significant strategic planning and the assistance of a professional. A DIY approach might not be the best choice for your business, as it can also prove detrimental. 

After we have examined why you should hire an agency and when you should avoid hiring one, let us now consider some factors to consider before hiring an agency.

Before hiring a web development agency, consider the following factors

We are going to explore some of the qualities you should pay attention to before hiring a web design company.

How do you determine whether a web development agency is suitable for your business?


They are trustworthy, and their previous works testify to their work excellence & credibility. Additionally, they provide consistent support throughout development, answer all your questions, listen to your needs, and implement the changes accordingly.

A niche area of expertise.

They have been involved in similar website development projects, making them experienced in your particular field. In addition, the company's team includes experts who possess a variety of skills.


Your budget is accommodated. In order to create a successful website for your business, you should select an agency that fits within your budget and provides the best possible outcome. We shall examine and break down the UAE website development costs.

Having learned how to select the right web development agency, you can now choose the right one for creating your website.

It is essential to ask questions before hiring a marketing agency that fits into all the above-mentioned categories.

If you answer these questions, you will be able to gain a better understanding of how they can help you achieve your business goals.

Before selecting a marketing agency, you need to ask the following questions

In order to understand how web development works, whether this company is capable of bringing your vision to life, and other such questions, you should ask the following questions.

In what ways will you fulfill my website needs and improve the online presence of my business?

Would you be willing to share your previous work with us?

What are the steps involved in developing a website? What are the processes involved?

Will I be able to access my website files and edits after the project is completed?

When will the project be completed?

To get you started, here are a few questions.

You may wish to ask more questions as the conversation progresses in order to better understand the agency. As a result, you will be able to determine if they can benefit your business.

You may be wondering, now that you have read all this information, “Where do I find a good web development company that meets my business objectives?”.”

You need not worry.

Please contact us if you require assistance with that as well.

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The following types of websites can be created by Bigconcept.ae.

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