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12 Ways to increase traffic to your Blog | Millions of Traffic to Website | For Free | What is Seo?

 We utilize the following strategies to increase traffic to our blog: 

Blog traffic for beginners

What Is SEO / Search Engine Optimization?

The term "SEO" stands for search engine optimization. In simple terms it means improving your website so that it is more visible when people search for products or services related to your business in search engines, such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. As your pages gain a higher ranking in search engine results, you have a higher chance of attracting the attention of potential customers and retaining existing ones.

1. Focus on topics people search for

Writing about anything that interests you is tempting-whether it is the latest industry news, breaking industry news, or even a random rant. Such articles have a short shelf life, however.

Immediately following publication, you may experience a spike in traffic. Your blog traffic will completely disappear once interest in the news, fad, or trend wanes.

You will receive consistent and passive organic search traffic for as long as your article appears in Google's results for relevant search queries. Find Latest Trending topics in Google Trends

Google Trends - how to get millions of traffic to your website

2. Make your search match your intent

A search query's intent is the reason for its creation.

What is the significance of this?

Whenever possible, Google attempts to provide users with the most relevant results. In order to rank high in search results and increase traffic, it is imperative to create content that is aligned with the search intent.

What type of content should you create? Find your target keyword in Google and examine the top-ranking pages according to the three Cs of search intent.

1. Type of content
Blog posts, products, categories, landing pages, and videos typically fall into one of five categories.

We can observe that the top few results when searching for "how to invest" are primarily blog posts.

2. Formatting of the content
A blog post's content format is primarily determined by its format, which is typically either a how-to, a listicle, a news article, an opinion piece, or a review.

3. Collect email addresses

Approximately 160,000 subscribers receive a newsletter each week containing all the content we've published during the previous week.

What is the reason for choosing email as a communication method?

There is only one reason: You can communicate with your fans at any time using email. In some cases, your reach may be deliberately limited or even removed from other platforms, such as Facebook.

Creating a list is not difficult. You will notice that, as you can see, we offer a weekly update of all our content. People will want more of what they read on our blog if they like what they read.

In the event that you wish to be slightly more aggressive, you may consider offering a " giveaways " such as a free eBook, course, etc. These types of incentives can be effective.

4. Get in touch with the people you mentioned

Build interaction with people mentioned in your story, tweet or blog comment or some media. 

5. Use internal links on significant posts

Internal links plays vital role in creating more clicks /views to your content. An internal link is a link between two pages within the same domain. Furthermore, building internal links from relevant, high-authority pages to those pages that need a boost can enhance their search engine optimization.

6. Create links to your blog

Backlinks play a significant role in Google's ranking system. Exactly how does Google determine rankings?

According to Google's Andrey Lipattsev, he was quoted saying this in 2016. The following findings of our own analysis of more than a billion webpages also support the correlation between backlinks and organic traffic:
Link building Strategies

What is the best way for you to increase the number of links leading to your website? By building links. We have used guest blogging in the past as one of our link building strategies.
A guest blog is one in which you contribute a post to another blog. Typically, there are ample opportunities for your blog post to be linked back to when this occurs.

7. Participate in online communities to promote content

A great place to promote your content is an online community, such as a Facebook group, a Slack channel, or a Discord server. All those who have an interest in your niche are gathered in one place, so all you have to do is motivate them to explore your blog.

Nevertheless, promoting online communities does not mean joining a few groups and spamming them mercilessly. I strongly advise you not to do this unless you intend to be booted and banned.

Doing this correctly requires skill, and preparation is the key.

To even consider promoting anything in a group, you should first join it and observe how it is structured. Find out what people typically discuss, what kinds of posts get the most engagement, and what posts are not permitted.

8. Create shareable image

The creation of shareable images is no longer as arduous as it used to be thanks to tools like Canva and Crello. Additionally, if you have the budget, you can search online marketplaces like Fiverr, freelancers, etc. for good designers.

A niche that relies heavily on visuals like cooking may not require any illustrations at all. If you use your smartphone, take a few photos, and share them on social networks, your shares will skyrocket, especially on sites like Pinterest.

9. Keep it fresh and republish

Update the content every time with latest amendments fresh content is always loved by search engines create fresh content from existing and republish it.

Blogging offers you the opportunity to try again.

You should rewrite and republish your blog post if it is not ranking, or if it does not match search intent, or if the content is outdated.

10. Write headlines that are clickable

Your headline makes a difference between someone clicking through and reading your post or simply skimming it.

It is essential that your headline catches their attention and entices them to click.

What are the steps involved in creating such a headline?

Your headline will largely depend on whether you are matching the search intent. For instance, if you are targeting the topic "best timeouts Dubai," your headline may include specific numbers and the year.

11. Create Twitter threads based on your content

Create tweets/threads in twitter based on your content 

What is the best way to write a great Twitter thread? In the spirit of meta-sharing, here is a Twitter thread by one of Twitter's leading creators:

12. Incorporate your content into niche newsletters

Include articles to newsletters list to improve engagement to the website, its one of best blogger traffic generator tip The best articles of the week are shared by a number of niche-specific newsletters, just as there are numerous online communities.

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