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10 best url shortners free 2022| bitly | Google | shorten url | tiny url

After the Google URL Shortener was discontinued on 2018, Myself and others have been searching for the next best method of shortening links.

Since I have reviewed tech and web applications for over a decade, I can assure you that no one solution is perfect. The most suitable URL shortening service, however, is determined by what you need and what your goals are. There are many URL shortening apps available that are free, easy-to-use, fast, and offer a variety of features, including analytic and marketing tools that tell you who clicked on your links, and options that let you add calls-to-action or re-direct people based on their current location. 

To assist you in finding the most appropriate URL shortener. Below you will find the top 10 most useful URL shorteners. 

Free URL Shortner

10 Best Free Url Shortners to use in 2022

  1. bitly.com -     Shorten links and monitor link analytics
  2. Tinyurl.com- Make the link unique by adding customized characters
  3. Short.io -       Various links can be sent to different visitors
  4. rebrandly.com- Branded Link Management: A complete solution
  5. sniply.io -     Marketing tool that adds calls-to-action (CTA) to any page on social media
  6. Ow.Ly -   Show social ROI by shortening links, measuring traffic, and measuring traffic
  7. t.ly -         Best link management service to track, brand, and share short URLs.
  8. Adf.ly   -   The URL shortener service that pays you! Earn money 
  9. Bl.ink   -    Manage, Monitor, & Measure
  10. Cutt.ly -    Free Custom URL Shortner ,Branded URL'S

1.Bitly URL Shorten (bitly.com)

URL shortener Bitly offers a full range of business-grade URL shortening services. You do not need to register if you only need to shorten links from time to time. You need to simply paste your long URL into the box on the homepage, click Shorten, and you're good to go. 

However, Bitly truly stands out for its business features. Bitly's simplicity and ease of use is part of its appeal. Over 20 real-time data points are displayed on the dashboard in real time, including the location of your visitors, organic shares, and more. Campaign tracking features are readily available as well.

Despite Bitly's limited free account offering quite a lot in the past, the account has become more difficult to recommend, especially to small businesses. According to my free account from a few years ago, I get analytics for 10,000 links per month, while plans opened today only get 100, although the back-ends of 50 URLs can still be customized. You can use it to get a feel for Bitly's interface; however, you may want to consider upgrading to a paid plan.

You can create 1,500 links per month, and the $35/month Basic plan provides more information about who is clicking on your links. Bitly Premium, at $200/month, is a significant step up, offering 3,000 links per month plus more granular analytics based upon city-level information and device types, along with additional features, including unbranded QR codes.

URL shortener Bitly is the best choice for large online businesses who share a large number of links and want to brand and track them. In addition, it is an excellent choice for small businesses wanting to generate short URLs and track the performance of their campaigns for a limited number of campaigns.

2.Tiny URL (Tinyurl.com)

TinyURL, a free URL shortener, has been around since 2002 and has survived so long because it shortens URLs with the least amount of effort. The tool is especially useful when you are pressed for time and need a short URL that is never going to expire. Please paste your long link into the box, modify the second half of the URL as you wish, and click on Make TinyURL. Consequently, the link can be used indefinitely without fear of it becoming inactive. 

If you register for a TinyURL account, you will be able to view a history of all the URLs you have shortened. If you wish to obtain more advanced features, such as tracking and analytics, branded domains, and the ability to edit each TinyURL after creation, you should subscribe to a paid plan.

For tracked links and branded domains, TinyURL offers a Personal Plan starting at $9.99/month (billed annually).
  • Easy Link Shortening
  • Full Link History
  • Customized TinyURLs
3. Short.io

Short.io is one of the few URL shorteners that allows you to target visitors from different regions or use different devices to send them to a different link. However, most URL shorteners report where clicks occur and what devices are being used, but Short.io takes it one step beyond. If you wish to ensure that iOS users and Android users alike see the correct link for downloading an app, or that your American and Canadian customers see the correct price, this feature can be useful. 

If you are adding a new link, click either the Apple icon, the Android icon, or the globe icon and select how you wish to target your clickers and what link you wish to deliver to them. Naturally, iOS users can receive something that is completely different than desktop users, but this will probably cause a lot of confusion for everyone - including you. To avoid confusion, we recommend you use this feature only when you need to divert visitors to subtly different web pages based on their type of visit. 

 In terms of pricing, Short.io's free plan offers 1,000 branded links, 50,000 tracked clicks, and device targeting; Personal plans start at $16.67 per month (billed annually) and provide unlimited branded links.

4.Rebrandly (rebrandly.com)

Despite being a great URL shortener, Rebrandly has a unique appeal. Our philosophy at Rebrandly is that brands, whether it is a product or a person, can gain value from developing links that reference them all over the Internet. 

In addition to tracking the popularity of each link, Rebrandly also includes data regarding the number of clicks generated by each link, as well as automatic generation of QR codes. The free plan limits the number of branded links and clicks you can track per month to 500 and 5,000 respectively-though this is more than enough for those who are just starting out.

Rebrandly's pricing: Free plan includes up to 500 links and 5,000 clicks tracked per month; starter plan from $24 per month (monthly billed) for 5,000 links and 25,000 clicks tracked per month.


Sniply works on the same principles as a URL shortener; the difference is that Sniply doesn’t just shorten links, it allows you to overlay your own content on the destination site.

Now you can send your followers to third party content without disengaging them. Just embed a button that links back to your own site, or curate an entire education journey that guides them through each step.

Each custom short link you share with Sniply is another opportunity to hook your audience.


Shortening links and tracking traffic generated by Owly (hereinafter referred to as Owly) is possible through Owl.ly (hereinafter referred to as Owly). Therefore, it can be used to measure your social ROI (return on investment) more effectively than a simple URL shortener.

owly is an online tool that is free to use, although a Hootsuite account (also free) is required to access it. Previously, users were not required to register or login to access it. With the Owly URL shortener now integrated into Hootsuite's dashboard, security has been improved for their users. Anyhow, registering for this valuable tool is a simple and straightforward procedure, and you will gain access to it without delay.

Owly offers a number of advantages, including:

Suitable for SEO – Owly-shortened URLs are fully-redirectible and indexable, a best practice in SEO

Ability to control – Assign access to shorten URLs only to selected members of your team

Portable – Track short URL clicks from Facebook, newsletters, comments, and microsites

Secure – All links are verified against the Safe Browsing blacklist to ensure they do not contain malware


The T.LY link management system allows you to track, brand, and share short URLs with a single click. The short URLs are considerably shorter than those of our competitors. The T.LY short URLs allow users to share long URLs in an easier manner! Personalize your T.LY short URLs with your own Custom Domains.

T.LY is a simple service to create short links that are easy to share! TLY will allow you to...
- Manage Short URLs ✅
- Track Analytics ✅
- Branded Links ✅
- Browser Extension ✅


Earn money for each visitor to your shortened links with adf.ly! Use a URL shortener service that pays.
AdF.ly is URL shortener that rewards the publishers of the shortened links by offering 50% of the advertising revenue

9.Blink (Bl.ink)

A URL shortener service such as BL.INK is a powerful tool that not only shortens long URLs but also provides information regarding the traffic driving to these short URLs. Its dashboard presents trends in links and general statistics, while its analytics page provides detailed information on traffic by device, location, and referrer. There is also the option of drilling down into your clicks according to time of day. These tags, which can be added to your shortened links, allow you to track and coordinate campaigns more effectively and to view your link traffic in new and custom ways.

Our paid plans are available in four tiers to provide small businesses, teams, and enterprises with a variety of options based on the number of links you are generating and tracking. Users with a free account can generate 1,000 active links, track up to 1,000 clicks per link, as well as create branded links by using their own custom domain. The product BL.INK may be a suitable option if you are a business in need of a full-service URL shortener that the entire team can access.


Cuttly is a URL shortener that allows you to embed retargeting pixels from Facebook, Google, Linkedin, Twitter, Quora, Pinterest, Segment - in a short link. 

Cuttly is a platform where you will manage all your links in an intuitive way. Cuttly is a tool that will help you spread your wings by getting to know your audience and click-through rates for your links, thanks to an advanced click analytics system. Check the available short link management features.

Shortening URLs with Cutt.ly allows users to monitor, simplify, and manage their links. Shortened links created through this software never expire, and no advertisements are displayed as the shortened link is redirected to the original URL. The software allows users to monitor and analyze the performance of the shortened links.

Detailed analysis offered by the software provides users with information regarding clicks, page referrers, clicks, systems, devices, geolocations and browsers. By customizing and optimizing the short URLs, one may manage and take advantage of the links.

The Cutt.ly website provides users with detailed information about when, how, and from where an individual accessed the links. Aside from providing real-time analytics, the software also provides daily and total clicks on social media as well as data about social media clicks. Using the QR Code generator and preview mode, users are able to create QR codes for each of the short links and prevent them from being misinterpreted.

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