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The Most Basic Hiring Problems Recruitment Agencies Face When Hiring

In the field of talent acquisition, recruiters face numerous hurdles. We talked to the clients, recruiters, and other people involved in the hiring process as part of our research and identified the primary challenges so that a recruiter or HR professional may confront through a thorough investigation. Not only that, but we also figured out how to overcome them by analyzing the modern recruitment strategies of the best recruitment agencies in Dubai. As a result, we're thrilled to offer the most prevalent recruiting challenges that agencies experience, as well as the best techniques for resolving them. The following is the basic facts:


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The Most Basic Hiring Problems Recruitment Agencies face when hiring

Employer Branding

Small, medium and large businesses confront a variety of challenges when it comes to establishing their organization as an employer brand. According to LinkedIn, 75% of job searchers think about a company's brand before applying for a position. Furthermore, they are hesitant to work for a company that has a terrible reputation or fails to attract job searchers. As a result, having a strong employer brand assists businesses in attracting a big pool of candidates.


Qualified candidates

 The lack of qualified or eligible candidates is the second significant difficulty that recruiters encounter. According to research, 87 percent of recruiters reported "unqualified candidates" for the job opening.

 Increasing reach

Expanding a recruiter's reach is one of the most typical recruiting difficulties. Recruiters that want to fill available positions with the finest qualified candidates must hunt for individuals outside of their employees' social networks. Furthermore, they must broaden their search to include numerous employment boards in order to uncover those rare hidden gems.


Creating a talent pool

 Many recruiters believe that having a candidate database of people who want to work for your company may make the entire process easier and more efficient. It would be beneficial if you already had a pool of individuals to choose from rather than doing a candidate search through numerous channels for each job posting.

 Recruiting with the use of data

 Companies can use data and metrics from the recruitment process to improve their hiring process and make better hiring decisions. Data collection and analysis, on the other hand, can take a long time. Spreadsheets are one approach to keep track of hiring data, but they require manual labor, are prone to human mistakes, and are inflexible. So tracking data accurately becomes difficult.

 Candidate Background

 Recruiters say that if you don't endeavor to improve the applicant experience, you risk losing top candidates, your reputation, and your money. Around 60% of job searchers have had a bad candidate experience with their companies, resulting in job offers being rejected.


Getting in touch with both active and passive candidates

For recruiting professionals, candidate engagement is crucial, thus they must connect with their applicants on a regular basis. The basic goal is to keep prospects interested until the proper job opportunity presents itself. The issue is that there could be hundreds of unqualified candidates. As a result, reaching them one by one can be a difficult undertaking.


Recruiting more quickly

Many of the usual recruiting difficulties include the need to hire more quickly. As a result, every recruiter must complete the hiring process as rapidly as possible in order to obtain a candidate. According to a report, top prospects are only available for 10 days on the job market. Recruiting firms, on the other hand, can take up to four months to find a new job in 70% of cases. This means they'll have to cut their hiring cycle in half to avoid incurring the costs of delayed hiring.


Fair Recruitment

Many businesses struggle to attract and hire diverse employees because of unconscious prejudices. Apart from completing your legal obligations to provide equal opportunity, hiring objectively benefits your organization by allowing you to hire the best person for the job without bias. As a result, your company will be more inclusive, proving to potential applicants that you are a meritocracy while also allowing you to benefit from diversity.


Creating a productive recruitment process

 Hiring teams must be able to communicate rapidly, evaluate candidates swiftly, and maintain constant communication. Recruiters are responsible for making all of these connections, which isn't always simple. Especially if the hiring manager's connection with the recruiter is strained. Organizing interviews and other administrative tasks might divert recruiters' attention away from coordinating the hiring process and creating a favorable candidate experience.


To overcome these the best recruitment agencies in Dubai have adopted a number of modern recruiting strategies. The strategies you also can adapt for your company's hiring process are mentioned below:


       Even the most experienced recruiters and interviewers may discover that they need to enhance their hiring skills.

       Combating biases is a popular reason for recruiting teams to be trained, but it's also crucial to advise them on interview questions to ask and how to create rapport with prospects.

       Explain how to prepare for interviews with interviewers.

       Encourage them to take the Harvard Implicit Association Test to discover their hidden biases. It's also a good idea to teach children about prejudice and how it works.

       Prepare for a mock interview. This is especially beneficial for interviewers who are new to the position.

       Consider using social media to advertise your employment openings or promote your business.

       On your careers site, highlight your company's culture, benefits, and employee stories to attract more prospects.

       Attend job fairs and set up recruiting efforts wherever possible.

       People Search can be used to find individuals based on their location, talents, and other job-related factors.

       Past and potential candidates should be contacted. If prospects know you're considering them and keep in touch, your pipelines will be stronger. Allow them to decide how frequently you'll connect with them, whether through face-to-face meetings or by providing them important content and information.


Besides these, you must invest in various tools to promote your hiring process significantly.

Phone screens and interviews may be scheduled swiftly and efficiently using scheduling tools and calendar integrations, reducing back-and-forth communication. Built-in templates that allow you to quickly post job ads and send emails to candidates without having to rewrite the language each time. Last but not least, follow the strategies of the best recruitment agencies in Dubai to cope with your competitors.

 Author Bio:

Sunny Chawla is a Managing Director at Alliance Recruitment Agency. He specializes in helping client for international recruiting, staffing, HR services and Careers advice service for overseas and international businesses. 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Alliancerecruitmentagency/

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