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Summer Food Tips: Best Vegetables to eat during summer | Healthy Food | cool foods

The summer season has begun. Here are some summer health tips. With the onset of each season, we are also faced with various diseases and ailments. Summer is a season in which many types of viral fevers are common, such as chickenpox. Consequently, it is important to maintain good health throughout the summer. 

During the summer, the food consumed varies greatly from that consumed in other seasons. Increased temperatures can contribute to dehydration. Dehydration is therefore a problem in the summer and experts recommend taking a healthy diet and drinking fluids to get rid of the condition.

Best Summer Foods Tips

1. You should drink water frequently without waiting for your thirst to subside. A good amount of water should be consumed between two and a half to three liters per day in order to get a normal result. 

2. Waters containing nutritional benefits, such as lemon juice, porridge water, marinade water, and cumin juice, should be consumed frequently. 

3. Eat light meals throughout the day. Small, frequent meals are recommended.

 4. Fruits and vegetables with high water content should be the mainstay of diets. 

5. The consumption of fruits will help prevent skin diseases and deficiencies in vitamins. The summer diet should include citrus fruits (orange, lemon, musambi), watermelons, pomegranates, and custard. The health benefits of pineapple are also remarkable. The mango is a good source of beta-carotene, vitamin C and vitamin A. By consuming these nutrients, summer seasonal diseases are prevented.

 6. A papaya diet helps to reduce the irritation that develops on the skin as a result of excessive sun exposure. Vegetable salads should be eaten between the papay 

7.Avoid eating too much fat. as much as possible. Refrain from eating fast food, packaged food, and artificial beverages to the maximum extent possible.

8. Limit your intake of spicy foods. Consuming too many spicy foods can cause indigestion. 

9. Tea and coffee may also be substituted for fruit juices and vegetable soups. 

10. In summer, your body should be hydrated well in order to stay radiant rather than arthritic. Taking in excessive amounts of water can result in thirst and fatigue. 

11. Meat and eggs fried in oil should also be reduced. 

12. Do not consume excessive amounts of sugar. 

13. During the summer months, it is essential to maintain good hygiene.

 14. It is recommended that you bathe twice daily. Cotton clothing is recommended.

 15. Practice yoga and exercise regularly in the summer to stay in shape. Consuming sour food in moderation should be encouraged. The consumption of these foods in excess may cause indigestion. 

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