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Instant Gulab Jamun with Bread | Recipes | Soft & Juicy Foods | Indian Specials

Instant Bread Jamun at home l soft & Juicy Bread Jamun only with 2 ingredients in minutes of time

Today's video is preparing the delicious mouth watering instant juicy and soft Bread Jamun in minutes of time without fail. Here i have used used only 2 ingredients are main to prepare the bread jamun in minutes of time. Super easy and becomes favorite for everyone at home. Such delicious and yummy must try  bread jamun. 


Add the cold milk little by little to get the dough to prepare the jamun balls, here need to have soft dough not hard one. if you think bread dough become hard then little milk to get the soft dough to prepare the jamun. hard one s will break sure when you are frying in the oil.  so adding little by little milk is key tips to get the successful recipe

soon after preparing the jamun balls fry in the oil. do not keep oil too much hot. keep very low flame fry gently till it gets crispy. 

keep the sugar syrup warm not hot. soon after frying the jamun balls add them to warm sugar syrup. 

Ingredients  List : 

Sugar - 2 cups (taken white sugar 1 cup & 1 cup brown sugar)
Cardamom 1 or 2 
saffron few strings
lemon juice - 1/2 tbsp
Bread 5 slices 
milk 50 ml 
water 2 cups

Dear Friends, with the above mentioned ingredients and tips surely you can prepare the bread jamun successfully. if you like it please do subscribe to the channel and share the video with your friends and family members.  When you try my recipes, ping me in my Instagram and Facebook. the links are shared below.

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