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Dont ignore the bitter ones .. Neem leaves provide a wide range of health benefits.

 The consumption of neem leaves increases immunity. Neem leaves are also bitter, which helps cleanse the blood. The leaf is also useful in reducing a number of physical ailments.

Neem Leaf Health benefits

Neem leaves are beneficial for removing pimples from the face. Neem leaves also speed up the healing process of wounds. The leaves can also be applied to bruises and acne.

Bitter Neem leaves are recommended to individuals who suffer from nausea, itching, rashes, and skin problems.

Drink boiled neem leaves daily to kill worms in the stomach. This remedy can also be used to treat a fever and other ailments.

It is possible to reduce bad breath and many other issues by using neem sticks to clean the teeth. Additionally, it enhances the digestive system.

Prevent kidney disease by drinking neem leaf juice diluted in water.

The medicinal properties of neem leaves are beneficial to diabetics. Regular consumption of neem leaves lowers blood glucose levels.

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