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Color Splash 2022 | Be Part of Festival of Colors celebrations at Rasalkhaimah

Holi Celebrations in Dubai 

Marquee Events, a leading festival organization in Asia, brings you Color Splash 2022 - A celebration of color, music, food, and much more at the picturesque island of Al Marjan in beautiful Ras Al Khaimah.

On the 19th of March, Color Splash 2022 will be held from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. in the Color Splash Beach zone, opposite the Marjan Corniche in Al Marjan.

Color Splash 2022 presents a broad selection of mouth-watering food, a sheesha lounge, a color market, a kids' play area, and a beautiful beach location.

You can expect an exceptional night of dancing and color splashing on stage with DJ Suketu and DJ Aqueel from India bringing the party to life and DJ Zubair and DJ Buddha from Dubai bringing the party to life!

Color Splash 2022 - Celebrations of Asia Largest Color's  Festival


Tickets for all events must be purchased in advance.

Visitors must be vaccinated or have a negative PCR to enter the site.

Visitors may be required to provide identification at the gate. A valid proof of vaccination for COVID-19 is an AL HOSN App or DHA App or a document issued by the Dubai Health Authority. Dubai requires all visitors and tourists to present a vaccination certificate issued by the government. 

In the event that your admission is refused for lack of vaccination proof, there is no refund policy.

Please do not attend if you have any COVID-19 symptoms.

At Color Splash there are no toxic colors used. We do not serve alcohol to children under the age of 21.

All colors are imported and are 100% organic and easily washable

Keeping you safe: measure and precautions 

All visitors and staff members must wear a mask at all times

in compliance with the social distancing rule

Regular cleaning and sanitization of the venue and common areas

A hand sanitizer station is conveniently located on the site

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I enter the site only if I have had a PCR test or I have been vaccinated?

A COVID-19 vaccination certified by their national government or a negative PCR test must be provided to visitors ages 18 and older.

Which items are not allowed at the site?

The following items are restricted from being transported in to or near the Event site, including any items that Color Splash RAK or Venue determine at their discretion to be similar:

(i) All professional equipment for filming and photography, and all lenses larger than 30 cm

(ii) Food and beverages (except infant food and beverages, and special diet beverages)

(iii) An electronic device that emits a laser beam, a laser pointer, or strobe lights

(iv) Animals (except service and assistance animals, e.g. guide dogs)

(v) Devices producing excessive noise (e.g. vuvuzelas, drums, whistles, horns) that may affect comfort and safety

(vi) Rigid poles and sticks (except walking sticks required for mobility reasons)

(vii) Signage and banners

(viii) Religious, political, provocative, or obscene messaging on clothing

(ix) Items too large to be electronically screened

(x) Any items intended for use in ambush marketing attempts

(xi) Drones and unmanned aerial vehicles.

(xii) Outside colors & water gun

(xiii) Color Splash RAK reserves the right to amend this list at its sole and absolute discretion.

Do I have to print my e-ticket(s) or can I have it on my phone?

Your e-ticket(s) can be printed or accessed via your smartphone.

Your mobile device will need to be zoomed in, in order to view the QR code on your e-ticket.

Do I need to show identification to enter the Color Splash RAK site? All visitors should bring with them proof of identification and eligibility at all times.

Visitors who cannot produce valid identification may be refused admission to Color Splash RAK.

What forms of identification can I use to enter the Color Splash RAK site?

For visitors from outside the UAE:

- Original and valid passport with name, image, and birth date clearly mentioned

- Original Student ID with name and image for Student Tickets; if the ID doesn’t have a photo please take your passport too

For visitors from within the UAE:

- Original and valid passport with name, image, and birth date clearly mentioned

- Emirates ID

- Original Student ID with name and image for Student Tickets; if the ID doesn’t have a photo please take your passport or Emirates ID too

Do I have the option of re-entering Color Splash RAK if I leave it?

During an emergency, please contact the event coordinator. Re-entries are completely invalid. 

What is the Color Splash RAK refund policy?

After the first use of a ticket, Color Splash reserves the right not to issue refunds and to deny transfers. 

Things to carry along with you at the site?

You may wish to bring a waterproof pouch to protect your mobile device and cash.

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