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Using Moneygram Dubai to send and receive money | Online | Phone Number

Moneygram Dubai

Phone Number: 8000178023
Email: customerservice@moneygram.com

Are you interested in sending money without having to go through the hassle of making a bank transfer? There is a money transfer service called Moneygram UAE which allows individuals to wire and receive money from anywhere in the world. For your reference, if you wish to wire money personally to a Moneygram agent office, or if you wish to claim money transferred via Moneygram, please refer to the following instructions:

For transactions up to AED 2000, Moneygram does not require any documents except for valid identification, which makes it simple for those who need rapid money transfers.

There are over 200 MoneyGram locations in the UAE, so finding one shouldn't be difficult. Moneygram services are available in a number of convenience stores, malls, and busy areas in Dubai. There are MoneyGram machines located on the ground floor of virtually all major banks, near the ATMs.

  • Identification issued by the government (UAE ID, passport, etc.).
  • Recipient's full name
  • As well as the amount to be sent
  • Transaction Fees
  • (If sending to a bank account) The name and account number of the recipient
  • The mobile number of the beneficiary (if sending to a mobile wallet)

What are the steps for sending money via Moneygram Dubai to someone in another country?

In order to send money to friends or family members in another country via Moneygram, following are the simple steps you need to follow if you live or stay in Dubai, UAE:

1. Find a MoneyGram outlet nearby.

2. You will need to present the necessary documents at the MoneyGram branch. Be prepared to present your government-issued photo identification, as well as the recipient's full name and the amount you will send.

3. Provide the MoneyGram agent with the completed form (if applicable).

4. Pay the transaction fees as well as the amount of money to be sent.

5. Make a copy of the receipt and the reference number (8 digits) and communicate it to the recipient, who will need it when picking up the package.

What are the steps involved in receiving money through Moneygram in Dubai

Once you have mastered the art of sending money, it is time to learn how to receive funds through the Moneygram office. The following steps will assist you. If you have been sent money by someone else and you wish to claim it at a location in Dubai, the following steps should be followed.

To receive funds, please follow the steps below.

1. Contact a Moneygram representative.

2. Complete the appropriate form. When you arrive at the office, you will be required to provide a reference number. This reference number can be obtained from the individual who sent you the funds.

3. Provide the agent with the completed form and a government-issued identification card as proof of identity.

4. Please sign the receipt to acknowledge receipt of the funds.

Moneygram UAE - How to deposit money into a bank account using Moneygram UAE

You can follow the steps outlined below if you are interested in sending money to a bank account in your country.

1. Go to your nearest Moneygram store.

2. Make sure the transaction send form is filled out to the hilt. Complete the recipient's name, the bank's name, and the account number.

3. The amount to be transferred, as well as the transaction fees.

4. To verify your identity, you must present a valid government-issued identification card.

5. Make sure to keep the receipt and the reference number (8 digits) for your records, and provide this reference number to your recipient.

Transferring money from a mobile wallet to a Moneygram account in the UAE

A mobile wallet can also be used to send money via Moneygram. The following steps explain how you can send money via Moneygram:

1. Find the Moneygram outlet nearest to you.

2. Complete the transaction sending form completely. Fill out the full name of the recipient, along with the international dialing code for their mobile phone.

3. Provide the recipient with the sending amount along with the transaction fees.

4. Verify your identity by providing your government-issued identification card.

5. To facilitate your use of the receipt and the reference number (8 digits), please keep a copy. Payment will be made to the recipient via their mobile wallet.

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