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Expo 2020 Free for Over 60's Entry Ticket | Priority Parking | Buggy Ride | Fast Track

 Explore 192 Country Pavilions, dine on cuisine from across the globe, let your inner techie go, and be entertained like never before!

Bringing brains together to shape the future A display for human accomplishment across the globe. This summer in Dubai, be safe. There will be new sights to see and new memories to make. Attractions that are well-known across the world. Neighbourhoods that have been around for a long time. Buildings that are the tallest in the world. The World's Largest Shopping Malls

Free Expo 2020 Dubai Tickets

Inaugurating the Expo 2020 Dubai Senior Guests Program, which will provide our guests over the age of 60 with an exceptional and unforgettable experience completely free of charge. This Programme is available from Monday to Friday from 09 AM to 1PM

How to Book Free Expo Ticket

Pre-booking is required 24 hours in advance via WhatsApp +971 50 141 3453 or emailseniorbookings@expo2020.ae

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