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 Top 5 Reasons to Choose Shopify for Your New Online Store

Shopify has robust ecommerce features that make it easy to set up your store, manage inventory, collect payments, process orders - basically everything you need in order to run a successful business. Unlike other platforms like BigCommerce or Magento, there's no monthly fees because all of their features are available in their plans for free!

With plans starting at $29/month for unlimited products, templates that are already set up for ease-of-use with HTML & CSS coding that are cross-browser compatible - any designer will tell you it's impossible not to love Shopify's platforms. It also integrates with payment gateways like PayPal and Google Pay so that customers can pay in whatever way they want to.

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1) Fast setup

Unlike traditional e-commerce platforms, Shopify is designed with drag-and-drop technology that makes it easy to set up and customize an online store. It’s perfect for first-time entrepreneurs who don’t have time or resources to work on a complicated website. You can design your own logo, choose your own theme and change anything on your site in just minutes—all without any coding skills. A new e-commerce site built using Shopify takes about half an hour! That’s how fast it goes when you want to start making money selling products online. And with add-ons available from payment processing to shipping management to marketing tools like Facebook ad credits, Shopify offers numerous features that can help you manage all aspects of running your business efficiently and effectively.

2) Free themes

Many e-commerce sites require custom designs and coding, but with Shopify you get access to tons of free themes. These themes help differentiate your store from others—especially if you’re starting out with limited resources. Even if you do choose a premium theme later on, being exposed to these basic templates is a great way to learn what types of design elements are likely customers look for when shopping online.

3) Mobile commerce

More than 68% of smartphone users have downloaded a retail app, and 60% of them have made a purchase using it. Some people are beginning to ditch their desktop computers for mobile devices, meaning your website needs to be available on mobile platforms—or else you might risk losing potential customers. If your target audience is tech-savvy millennials, you’ll need a website that works well on smartphones.

4) SEO friendly

If you’re starting a business, there’s an extremely high chance that at some point, someone in your customer base will google your product or service. Making sure your store is easy to find on search engines and has as many reviews as possible goes a long way in making sure customers can find you. All of your content—from about pages to photos—needs to be optimized for SEO so it ranks highly on Google and Bing searches.

5) Free Apps

Not only is there a large community of third-party app developers, but free apps are plentiful. With tons of free functionality, you’ll never have to worry about being stuck with an app that doesn’t fit your business. It’s easy to browse and download from Shopify’s app store. You can even make custom changes to many free apps; they just might require some coding skills.

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