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coordinator required at Dubai Expo 2020 - Eligibility - How to Apply - Check out Latest Jobs

EXPO 2020 Dubai Hiring

The Volunteer Integration Coordinator is critical in ensuring the seamless integration of ongoing requirements amongst functions in support of the Expo 2020 Volunteer Journey. Specifically, this role will focus on the integration of the Workforce Operations function with two other critical functions: 1/ Volunteer Engagement, which is responsible for implementing the Expo 2020 Volunteer Program strategy, including the recruitment, engagement, and experience of all volunteers, and 2/ Workforce Support Center, which serves as a central point of contact for our volunteer workforce.

The following are the role's primary responsibilities:

- As a key contact for Workforce Operations, assist in the continuing analysis and resolution of critical steps on the Expo 2020 Volunteer Journey. Liaise cross functionally to guarantee timely, effective solutions, rapid escalation, and distribution of information as/when necessary.

- Provide daily operational information to key functions in order for them to process volunteer-related requests;

- Educate and enforce all Workforce Operations regulations and procedures during events, as well as assist with the Workforce Contact Center's needs, which include replying to emails inside central inboxes and executing outbound phone campaigns;

- Communicate with the Manager, Volunteer Integration, on a frequent and succinct basis to guarantee two-way communication and to escalate issues and/or risks for timely resolution;

- Draft, evaluate, and approve volunteer-related communications, such as emails, SMS, newsletters, campaign materials, and any other requirements that emerge;

- Develop and maintain strong working relationships with all Functions, with a special emphasis on those with interconnected activities, in order to enable continuous two-way communication during the event's execution;

- Assist the Workforce Services team in meeting scheduling and rostering deadlines across all Functions, as well as in updating on-the-ground modifications on a timely basis;

- Establish and foster cross-functional connections and integration to guarantee free-flowing communication, efficient issue resolution, and consistent operations throughout the event's duration.

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Ref: Dubai Expo 2020 Official Website

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