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Top things to do in Switzerland- Complete travel guide

How much time should you spend in Switzerland? Well, if you are lucky enough to be able to take some time off, then the first thing that you should do is book your flights to Switzerland and book your hotel or other accommodation. And if you are not sure of where to stay, then you can check out this list of the best places in Switzerland to help you out with this decision! Best Timeout in Switzerland- Complete travel guide

Top Things to do in Switzerland

1) Lakes to visit in Switzerland

Best lakes to see in Switzerland

One of my favorite tourist areas in Switzerland is around Lake Geneva. Try visiting Montreux and then take a boat ride on one of Europe’s largest lakes. Hike up to Chateau de Chillon, a fairytale castle overlooking Lake Geneva from a rocky peninsula, or take an evening stroll around Lausanne. If you’re looking for something more active, head off into Swiss Alps! The area around Interlaken has beautiful waterfalls and ski resorts; try hiking to Jungfraujoch (the highest point in Europe) for views you won’t forget. If you prefer skiing over hiking (or if it's winter), Gstaad and Klosters are also great places for hitting some slopes near Berne. And for those who just want to explore stunning mountain vistas, drive along Route du Soleil between Martigny and Sion--it might be one of Europe’s most scenic drives. It takes about three hours each way but doesn't follow any highways...just highlands through quaint towns with charming cafes along your way.

2) Mountains

Famous mountains in Switzerland
Topping many people’s lists for must-sees, Switzerland is home to some of Europe’s most beautiful peaks. Luckily, getting around is a breeze via cable cars, which offer a bird’s eye view of breathtaking Swiss landscapes. From Jungfraujoch (the highest) to Aletschgletscher (Europe’s largest), there are endless adventures waiting in these towering hills. Looking for more low-key alternatives? Try hiking one of the country’s 1,400 forest trails or skiing one of its 2,500 ski slopes (this last activity is particularly popular during winter). No matter how you decide to explore Switzerland’s snowcapped mountains and rolling pastures, you’re sure to experience magical scenes and encounters with nature at its finest. Consider planning your trip to Switzerland accordingly so that you can take full advantage of its mountainous beauty!

3) Activities to experience at Switzerland

Best Things to do in Switzerland

The Swiss Alps are breathtakingly beautiful, and a trip there is a must. You can’t fully appreciate its beauty from afar, though—you have to take a hike through it! The Swiss Alps is one of our favorites because of its stunning views and activities. Here are some of our favorite adventure spots in the Swiss Alps The Matterhorn – Located in Zermatt, Switzerland – It was first climbed by Edward Whymper on July 14, 1865 after several failed attempts that same year. Although only people experienced with climbing should try to conquer it without guides, you can easily admire from below for amazing pictures and videos. Paragliding at Lauterbrunnen -Situated between Bernese Oberland region and Lauterbrunnen valley, flying over Switzerland will give you an aerial view of everything around. There are many companies which offer paragliding sessions in all levels of difficulty. Swiss Chocolate– You just can’t leave Switzerland without trying their famous chocolate! Try Lindt chocolate store in Zurich where you can watch them make their chocolates right before your eyes.

4)Trip cost from Dubai

The trip cost from Dubai varies on each section of your journey. The best way to get a clear picture of what it will cost you is by filling out our information request form. It’s quick and easy, and once you give us some basic information about your trip, we’ll send you an informative email with everything you need to know about cost of traveling from Dubai including hotel rates, weather conditions during your holiday, transportation options, etc. This will ensure that you get an accurate estimate of how much it costs to fly around Europe so you can plan your budget accordingly. If there are any special add-ons such as ski packages or activity guides, we’ll also let you know so that money doesn’t come as a surprise later on down the line.

5) UAE Residents Visa Requirements for travelling from Dubai to Switzerland

A Schengen Visa is required for non-European citizens living or residing outside of Europe. This can be applied for at any point of entry into Europe. A Schengen Visa allows for entry into 26 countries with no border control, where each country requires its own individual visa. It has been concluded that UAE residents will need a specific Swiss VISA for entering and exiting Switzerland. As such, UAE residents must apply for their Swiss Visa directly through The Embassy of Switzerland in Abu Dhabi. Swiss Visa's cost 100AED and will take around 3 weeks to process before being returned back to you by post. In total, including mailing time it takes around 4 weeks to receive your Swiss Visa. Please note: You may enter Switzerland once on a tourist visa without further requirements so long as your stay does not exceed 90 days per year.

6) Must visit Place in Switzerland - Swiss  Alps 

The Alps of Switzerland offer some of the most dramatic landscapes in the world. From mountain tops that’s height will crane your neck to so many isolated, beautiful lakes that you’ll never want to leave. You will find 38 peaks that rise above 4,000 meters in Zermatt alone, which is just a taster of what you can expect.  

Embassy of Switzerland in Abudhabi - +971 2 627 4636 (source from google)

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