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Fabyland Dubai Special Offers-Timings- Locations - Things to do - Pricing

Do you intend to spend some quality time with your family? You might want to take them to Fabyland, an indoor theme park featuring rides, games, and fun activities for children and adults alike.

Fabyland also serves as a venue for school trips and special occasions, in addition to providing entertainment. The company offers birthday packages tailored to fit every budget, as well as school trip packages. In the UAE, there are several locations of the theme park: Dubai Festival City Mall, Nakheel Mall, and Dragon Mart in Dubai, as well as Deerfield's Mall in Abu Dhabi. 

Faby land Dubai

Things to do -Rides & Attractions at Fabyland

  • Trampoline: Inside Faby Land, there are multiple trampolines that have been interconnected for fun and active entertainment. In the trampoline arena, there are trampolines of various sizes that can be enjoyed by both children and adults.
  • Soft Play: Soft play areas include activities such as football zones, ball shooting, ball pools, slides, and many other exciting activities.
  • Top Dancer: Prepare yourself for a fast-paced ride with 360-degree rotation. It is a very fast dance and the top dancer moves in both directions, stopping briefly at the top in order to switch directions.
  • Moon Tower: The Moon Tower provides riders with a sensation of leg-dangling excitement as well as a fantastic spectacle for everyone else. As the gondola ascends, it suddenly decelerates before reaching the top, causing a series of exciting bounces.
  • Mini Tea Cup:  It is a lot of fun to enjoy the round movement of the tea cup while it revolves around. The game is exciting and fun.
  • Jump Around: Prepare yourself for a bumpy ride. As well as choosing their cars, children can feel the bounce as they move round-and-round. The Jump Around ride is a favorite among all children.
  • Bumper cars: Be sure to fasten your seat belts, as Bumper Cars are going to be bumping all around. The bumper cars are a favorite of both children and parents. Bumper Cars allow you to drive in any direction you choose
  • Interactive Climbing Wall: Come to Faby Land and test your agility, balance, and strength on the first interactive climbing wall of its kind. If you want to score high, tag along with your friends.
  • Wave Rider: Feel the wind on your face as you stand in a standing position while the Wave Rider takes you in a circular motion; clockwise and counter-clockwise.
  • Sky Race: The Sky Race simulation ride offers riders the sensation of an acrobatic aero plane flight that goes around in a circular motion that will test even the most experienced thrill seekers.
  • Magic Bike: As you ride the golden themed two-seater decorated with festoon lights, you will be transported in a spiral of circular motion while you paddle your bicycle.
  • Ferrari Cars: Get a feel for the multi-dimensional motion and excitement of a Ferrari car on the move. The stimulation provides a similar feeling of driving a Ferrari on a Formula One track.
  • Drift Racer: You can join the drifting craze by hopping in your cars and drifting around in circles while shooting the target on the car in front of you.
  • Cyber Fox: The seat sways from left to right as Cyber Fox takes you on a breathtaking journey.
  • Carousel: A Fabyfox-themed carousel brightly decorated with lights takes the kids on a ride as it rotates, creating a merry-go-round effect as Fabyfoxes move upwards and downwards.
  • Tagaj: TagaJ combines the features of a standard carousel with the features of a Tagada! The TagaJ will spin, bounce and jump while you enjoy various interactive elements, including inflatables, balls and poles.
  • Energy Leap: Let's get ready for a burst of energy. In the 30-seater Energy Leap, riders are rotated upwards, flipping them upside down and continuing to spin. In the upright and inverted positions, the combined accelerations and decelerations provided by the motion provide an exciting ride for the passengers waiting in the cockpit.
  • Flume Ride: Prepare yourself for an adventure at Deerfields Mall's Flume ride. In your boat, experience the twists and turns as the boat changes direction in the water, and prepare for the slopes on the flume ride.
  • Speed Way: When you pass this phase during the rotation, please secure your seat belt and prepare for the circular moment where you will be at the edge of the circle with your hands up.
  • Mini Drop N Twist Tower: Riders will enjoy the sensation of leg-dangling on Drop N Twist Tower, and everyone else will enjoy the spectacle. As the gondola ascends, it suddenly decelerates before reaching the top, causing a series of exciting bounces.
  • XD Theater: Play this game using infrared sensor-based guns alongside your friends and compete with real-time 3D graphics and an individual scoring system while the seat vibrates according to the motion displayed in the video.
  • Clip N  Climb: Clip N Climb is a great place for you and your friends to challenge yourselves. There are a wide range of activities based on climbing that provide a challenging and fun experience for everyone.
  • Family Swing: Would you be interested in swinging with a double rotation movement and hydraulic lift? As you are seated in the chairs of the Family Swing, you will feel as though you are flying.
  • Bounce N Spin: Be prepared for a bumpy ride on the Bouncy Bumpy. Children can choose their cars and feel the bounce on them while they are also moving round and round.
  • Convoy Ride: The two-seater race cars are beautifully decorated, they run over a flashy oval track with an exciting action which completes the ride's complete visual experience. The colorful backdrop scenery represents elements of Faby Land over the ride, completing its overall visual impact.
  • Super Jumper: While the rider continues to spin, the Super Jumper rotates upwards, flipping the rider upside-down. The combination of acceleration and deceleration experienced upright and inverted provides riders with a thrilling ride.
  • Happy Swing: For the indoor family Fun-Swing, hold on to the lap bars. Take the See Saw swing ride and experience the refreshing air splashing on your face.
  • Jump Around: You can expect a bumpy ride with Bumpy. Children can choose their cars and feel the bounce on them while they are also moving round and round. All children enjoy Jump Around.
  • Mini Discovery: Prepare yourself to experience the rush of land and sky merging together as you fly head over heels through the dual swinging and spinning motions. Take a ride on the Mini Discovery and experience the thrill of spinning in endless circles.

Faby land Theme Park Pricing - https://fabyland.ae/pricing/

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