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Best Places to Visit in Tbilisi, Georgia | Romantic places | Heritage | Things to do | Night tour

Tbilisi, Georgia's capital city, has a rich history and a lively present with many things to do and see. Whether you're visiting the city on business or as part of an adventure trip, there are plenty of unique places to visit in Tbilisi that will appeal to you no matter what your preferences are. Our guide lists some of the best places to visit in Tbilisi as well as some exciting things to do that you won't find anywhere else!

Best places to visit in Tbilisi Georgia

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1) Discover Old Town

Old Town is one of Tbilisi's must-see attractions. This district is filled with unique places to visit, like Narikala Fortress. If you're looking for things to do in Old Town, make sure you check out The Church of Saint George and State Museum of Georgia. Once you've had your fill of sightseeing in Old Town, take a walk over to Freedom Square; it's one of the most exciting places in Georgia. History lovers will also want to check out 28 Oktomberi St., where you'll find some popular tourist sites, including The National Parliamentary Library of Georgia and The Monument of Vakhtang Gorgasali. No trip to Tbilisi would be complete without visiting Mtskheta, another one of our favourite destinations. To get there, take a 20-minute train ride from Tbilisi Main Railway Station. When you arrive at Mtskheta Station, follow the crowds toward Svetitskhoveli Cathedral, an architectural wonder that shouldn't be missed! Next on your itinerary should be Sioni Cathedral and Shota Rustavelli Theater.

Discover old town in Tbilisi Georgia

2) Explore Uplistsikhe Cave City

If you're visiting Tbilisi but want to get out of town for a day or two, there are plenty of unique places within a few hours' drive. Check out Sighnaghi, one of Georgia's dinosaur towns famous for its Soviet-era statues and architecture. Another option is Mtskheta, home to Uplistsikhe Cave City—an ancient underground settlement built into an old limestone quarry. Even further away, Tskaltubo will impress with its lovely beaches and health resorts. And if you've got wheels, take a quick trip down to Kazbegi: it offers excellent opportunities for hiking and wildlife spotting. Or head east towards Armenia: it's only about half an hour from Georgian border city Poti by car!

Explore Uplistsikhe Cave City

3) Experience Local Culture on a Tbilisi Night Tour

Don't leave town without visiting some of Tbilisi's most unique places and things to do. A guided tour is an excellent way to immerse yourself in the local culture and see some sights you wouldn't find on your own. We recommend joining a night tour for a behind-the-scenes look at Tbilisi that you won't soon forget! Here are our top three picks 3.) Learn about Georgia's culinary traditions: Join a Georgian cuisine class and learn how to cook traditional dishes like khinkali (meat-filled dumplings), khachapuri (cheese bread), and chakapuli (lamb). You may even want to try making one or two yourself at home after sampling these tasty treats.

Beautiful places in Tbilisi for photoshoot

4) Adventure Outdoor Activities

Tbilisi is an ancient city with a well-preserved medieval fortress at its heart. Enjoying a stroll through its cobbled streets is a great way to get a feel for what's special about it. The history of Tbilisi can be read in every facet of the city's architecture, from rustic churches and historic homes to expansive parks and bustling plazas. Pause for a moment on Freedom Square, home to 22nd June Patriotic Monument—one of many tributes throughout the country honoring fallen Georgian soldiers who fought during World War II. Plan your visit today! This tour is a series provided by local partners as part of the City Highlights Tourist Services program. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Top things to do in Tbilisi Georgia

  • Bridge of peace
The Bridge of Peace is a bow-shaped pedestrian bridge, a steel and glass construction illuminated with numerous LEDs, over the Kura River, linking the Rike Park with Old town in central Tbilisi. Since its opening in 2010 the structure has become an important pedestrian crossing in the city, as well as a significant tourist attraction and one of the most well-recognized landmarks of the capital.credit: Wikipedia
  • Tbilisi TV Tower
Georgia Tbilisi TV Broadcasting Tower is a free-standing tower structure used for communications purposes. The tower is located in Tbilisi, Georgia and was built in 1972. The preceding structure, built in 1955, was moved to the vicinity of the city of Gori. The tower is operated by "Georgian Teleradiocenter", that was established 1955. Communication systems on the tower include regular broadcast, MMDS, pager and cellular, commercial TV, and amateur radio repeater. The tower is 274.5 m high on a mountain at 719.2 m above sea level.credit: Wikipedia
  • Tbilisi Botanical Garden 
The National Botanical Garden of Georgia, formerly the Tbilisi Botanical Garden, is located in Tbilisi, capital of Georgia, and lies in the Tsavkisis-Tskali Gorge on the southern foothills of the Sololaki Range. It occupies an area of 161 hectares and possesses a collection of over 4,500 taxonomic groups. Its history spans more than three centuries. It was first described in 1671 by the French traveller Jean Chardin as royal gardens which might have been founded at least in 1625 and were variably referred to as "fortress gardens" or "Seidabad gardens" later in history. The gardens appear in the records by Joseph Pitton de Tournefort and on the Tbilisi, map composed by Prince Vakhushti. Pillaged in the Persian invasion of 1795, the garden was revived in the early 19th century and officially established as the Tiflis Botanical Garden in 1845. From 1888 on, when a floristics center was set up, Yuri Voronov and several other notable scholars have worked for the Garden. Between 1896 and 1904, the Garden was expanded further westward. Between 1932 and 1958, the territory around the former Muslim cemetery was included in the botanical garden. credit: Wikipedia
  • Betania Church

The Betania Monastery of the Nativity of the Mother of God commonly known as Betania or Bethania is a medieval Georgian Orthodox monastery in eastern Georgia, 16 km southwest of Tbilisi, the nation's capital. It is a remarkable piece of architecture of the "Golden Age" of the Kingdom of Georgia, at the turn of the 11th and 12th centuries, and is notable for its wall paintings which include a group portrait of the contemporary Georgian monarchs. credits:Wikipedia
  • Ride Tbilisi Funicular Railway

Tbilisi Funicular Railway
The Tbilisi Funicular Railway offers a spectacular ride up Mtatsminda, as well as great views from the top - and the Funicular Complex restaurant building offers several good places to eat and drink. There is a big amusement park for kids and adults. Also in the park you will find  bars, cafes, night club, TV tower and spectacular views over the Tbilisi from 710 meter high mountain.
You need a 2 GEL plastic card (available at the ticket office) in order to ride the Tbilisi Funicular Railway (and ride any rides in the Mtatsminda amusement park). From 9:00 to midnight, the funicular cliff train costs 8 GEL.

Park Card

Designed to be multi-purpose
Bonuses which are nonrefundable
Funiculars and rides are available with this card
Depending on the condition of the information center or cash desk, damaged cards can be restored

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