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Things to do at Dubai Creek Harbour | Walk | Entry Fee | Park Timings | Location

 Harbour of Dubai Creek This community was developed by Emaar, a leading developer in the United Arab Emirates. Near Ras Al Khor wildlife sanctuary, it offers the refreshing beauty of the natural world along with impressive architecture and the convenience of modern living.

In addition to residential units, offices, commercial spaces, and leisure areas, Dubai Creek Harbour is spread over a six-square-kilometer area. Located only 10 minutes away from Dubai International Airport and Downtown Dubai, this is a prime location for residents and businesses alike.

Dubai Creek Harbour

Visit Dubai Creek Harbour to discover its beauty

There are over 450 species of wildlife in the Ras Al Khor wildlife sanctuary, which is located near Dubai Creek Harbour. The sanctuary is easily accessible on weekends, providing a much needed respite from the hustle and bustle of city life. Furthermore, residents here also enjoy breathtaking natural views from the comfort of their own homes!

In addition to the Dubai Creek Tower, the Harbour is home to the Dubai Creek Tower, which will be the city's newest landmark. Dubai Creek Harbor contains, among other things, a marina, sparkling canals and an elite yacht club.

The Creek Marina is the perfect place to spend some time with a loved one, or even just for yourself. The beautiful views and atmosphere are sure make you feel relaxed during your visit. While walking around on the sidewalks that line this marina’s pier side, explore all of its shops as well as other amenities such as restaurants and leisure activities! There's also an outdoor gallery displaying various installations which can't be missed; from sculptures made out of tires to art pieces painted onto boats - there will surely be something here that speaks to you in ways others cannot!

Top Things to do at Dubai Creek Harbour

  • Experience Music Shadows at Creek Harbour
Musical Shadows is a creative, interactive installation that interacts with shadows to create music. Throughout the day your shadow changes shape and size which in turn triggers different sounds! How fun this must be for children who are interested in art or design!
  • Joy Tree Sculpture    
        The sculpture is an ode to how wonderful it feels when we celebrate life and the beauty around us. Crafted in polished stainless steel, this bouquet of balloons captures passers-by reflection - a reminder that no matter what our paths are, they lead back home again. Artist: Vibhor Sogani
  • Tree of Artificial Flowers ( Flower Tree)
A reminder of nature's beauty, a Tree is also the first site in which man-made structures are planted. The Artist has left their signature style to showcase how flowers and trees can be rooted together on one side but still stand independent from each other on the opposite end; as if they're giving you some advice - don't forget your roots! Artist: Choi Jeong Hwa
  • Creek Play
Architectural patterns from the United Arab Emirates are recreated on an expansive play area for kids. The brightly colored nodes represent each of the UAE's seven emirates, making it a great spot to learn about local culture while having fun!

Location of Dubai Creek Harbour

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