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Palm Jumeirah Island | Things to do | How to Reach | Best Time to visit

Where is the Palm Jumeirah Island?

Palm Jumeirah, the magnificent Dubai man-made archipelago, is recognized worldwide as a symbol of beauty and elegance. This amazing island has a great overhead perspective like a giant palm tree extending into the wide Persian Gulf. Palm Jumeirah is now the first major tourism project in the UAE, including several of Dubai's main tourist attractions, including Atlantis, the Lost Chambers Aquarium and the Aqua venture Waterpark.

Palm Jumeirah Island - Dubai

Palm Jumeirah's main components are known as Crescent, Spine, Trunk and Fronds. The entry of this site is the enormous trunk that creates a bridge between the island and the mainland. Another bridge connects the spine with the trunk. The Crescent portion is the breakwater that is connected by a tunnel with the spine. The magnificent and lengthy Fronds are the most remarkable feature of this island resort and its real beauty may be seen by taking an aero plane or helicopter above the island.

Palm Jumeirah is also full of upscale residences, opulent villas, luxury resorts, ritzy retail stores and royal hotels, mostly situated on the Crescent and Trunk. The area also has many beautiful beach clubs and pubs that are the backbone of the lively nightlife throughout the city. Today, this artificial island of the world class houses a huge population of over 10,000 people.

How to Reach Palm Jumeirah using Public Transportation:-

The Palm Jumeirah is located approximately 10 kilometers from Dubai Marina  Metro Station and is immediately linked to a variety of transit modes to the The Palm . The journey between the island and the Dubai Marina  takes about 15-25 minutes.

By Dubai Tram:-

Get Down at Dubai Marina Metro Station and Pickup T1 Tram towards Palm Jumeirah Tram station 

Palm Jumeirah Island Directions from Dubai Marina  Metro

Get Directions here:

By Palm Jumeirah Mono Rail:-

Timings for Palm Monorail: Runs from 9 a.m. to 9:45 p.m. every 15 minutes (from Palm Gateway Station) and till 10 a.m. (from The Atlantis Station) 7 days a week.

Ticket Price approx. 30 AED for Ride

Things to do around Palm Jumeirah Island 

Al Ittihad Park - Dubai
 1.Al Ittihad Park

Al Ittihad Park is situated in a 1.1 million sq. ft area and is one of the finest spots on Palm Jumeirah Island to visit. 

This eco-friendly built park is the focus of all inhabitants and tourists to the beautiful Palm Jumeirah Islands. The park is 3.2 kilometers long and offers many kinds of native coastal, desert and highland plants and trees.

2. Snap Your Photographs with Atlantis the Palm
Atlantis the Palm
If you are searching for a vacation getaway, Atlantis, The Palm offers everything. There is little surprise that this five star Palm Island resort is one of the most visited places in Dubai on so many postcards, vacation homes and Instagram pictures. You can anticipate limitless entertainment at this world-famous luxury hotel, with world-class eating outlets, unique aquarium experiences and excellent architectural features.

The large resort has a total of 1539 rooms, premium suites and "super suites," including prized underwater accommodations. Meet a world of wonders as you enter through the lobby with beautiful d├ęcor, complex sculptures and ambient lighting - all along with the overwhelming aquatic motif. From your hideaway Palm Jumeirah you may also enjoy an unparalleled vista of the Dubai cityscape.

3. The Lost Chambers Aquarium

The Lost Chambers Aquarium
The Aquarium of the Lost Chambers is housed at the Hotel Atlantis on Palm Jumeirah Island. Today, the hidden chambers aquarium is the center of the islands' tourism appeal. They are home to a world of different marine life and consist of numerous chambers and lagoons. The aquarium is the subject of the fabled legendary town of Atlantis.

The aquarium has about 65,000 different marine species, including creatures such as seahorses, haves, rays, reef fish, and many more. Tourists enjoy to participate in different activities such as snorkeling, aquarium dives, water theatre performances and fish storey tours. It is the finest location in the Palm Jumeirah to refresh the extraordinary experience of your soul.

4.Skydive at Palm Jumeirah Island

Skydive at Palm Jumeirah Island
Skydiving is another sport of adventure that visitors like. Falling from high altitudes on the back with a parachute is an amazing sensation. You will get a little introductory instruction on the jump and then travel aboard an aero plane from which you will leap off as it glides around the islands.

You will drop out of the aero plane at a speed of about 120 mph, and it is certainly an ultimate activity to attempt adrenaline boosting. You can enjoy wonderful views of the bizarre Palm Jumeirah Island, the Dubai Marina and Arabian Gulf's blue seas.

5. Guinness Record Attempt- The Pointe Fountain

The Dubai Palm pointe Fountain shows are free of cost and are visible from every point on the lake from neighboring areas. 

Fireworks will be available at palm Jumeirah fountain  on  special occasions

The Pointe Fountain - Palm Jumeirah

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