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Ebike vs Electric Scooter - All you need to know

 Ebike vs electric scooter

In the past decade, electric bicycles have been rediscovered, and they are now firmly in a second wave of popularity. Ebikes provide many advantages that appeal to commuters: Anyone can ride an Ebike regardless of age or fitness level; Ebikes are environmentally friendly and generally more cost effective than cars when it comes to running costs (fuel is free); Ebikes require no licence or insurance; Ebikes also give you a workout while you commute.

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When ebike technology first came out, there was little variety in terms of style – Ebikes were mostly chunky cargo bikes with hub motors. Nowadays Ebikes come in all shapes and sizes, but they still retain their core features – lightweight frames, electronic assistance systems that kick in when required, and hub motors that provide power to the rear wheel. Ebikes still come in two main categories: Pedelecs and Throttles.

Regarding Ebike technology, Ebike batteries are lithium-ion, which means that they're lighter than lead acid batteries (The kind you get on normal Ebikes), Ebike chargers are smarter (in a way - they charge at a higher voltage for longer periods of time) and will not overcharge your Ebike battery, Ebike controllers also provide motor power more consistently throughout all speeds allowing for better control, whereas some cheap Ebikes have controllers that do not supply enough power to reach high speeds. 

Electric bikes can go really fast! The laws governing electric bikes vary from country to country but Ebikes are usually capped at 25kph. The Ebike speed laws in Dubai for instance will go up to 50kph on a restricted Ebike, but Ebikes with no Ebike license plates and those that weigh more than 40kg have their top speed limited to 25kph.

Electric scooters on the other hand are very different from Ebikes - They’re smaller and often come without handle bars (some even don't have pedals), making them easier to carry around; because of this, they're generally known as 'naked' electric scooters. Some electric scooter models also allow you to stand while riding, so if you're looking for an Ebike with more comfort features then check out some electric scooters; Ebikes with 'step through' frames, and Ebike headsets for example.

Electric scooter motors can either be geared or brushless (direct drive). 

Geared electric scooters have direct drive motors - There is a reduction gear between the motor and the wheel, which allows them to go faster than Ebikes. The downside of geared Ebikes is that they're heavier and are more expensive.

Electronic Ebikes on the other hand have ‘throttles’ i.e., you twist the accelerator in order for the motor to give power – They don't provide as much torque while accelerating but are lighter than geared Ebikes, so they're often used by riders who want an Ebike without as many bells and whistles.

A 250w Ebike motor can range from 25kph to 40kph, Ebikes don’t have gears like regular bikes; Ebikes with 500w motors go faster than Ebikes with 250w or 350w motors. Ebike batteries pack around 36 volts of power (V) and come in all shapes and sizes, but Ebikes are generally meant for commuting (Most Ebikes can go from point A to B without any fuss), so they usually offer between 10-30 kilometres on a single charge i.e., the average range is 20km . Most Ebikes also have throttle sensors that will cut power at low speeds automatically - making them much safer than electric scooters when it comes to low speed operation. Ebikes can also be ridden on the sidewalk or footpath (some Ebikes even come with electrically assisted bicycle lights for better visibility) and Ebike batteries are covered under warranty. 

Lastly, Ebikes look more like regular bicycles than electric scooters do, which makes Ebike riders a lot less conspicuous - and they’re generally very easy to ride! Electric scooters on the other hand require you to twist the throttle before you can start riding properly (unless you have an automatic electric scooter). Electric Scooter motors have no gearing so they provide quicker acceleration but less torque throughout all speeds; Ebike throttles however usually give out more torque when accelerating from 0-20kph etc… but electric scooter motors are usually smaller than Ebikes anyway - so you’re not going to go as fast on an electric scooter, (unless it’s a geared electric scooter). Ebike batteries also last longer than any LiFePO4 battery pack found in electric scooters. Ebikes are also a lot bigger and heavier hence they're more stable and easier to ride.

If you're just looking for something fun to get around the neighbourhood or even commute with then Ebikes are probably the best option for you! If however, you want to have a little bit of fun while still getting exercise (and save time in rush hour traffic) but don't want to spend too much money - then electric scooters might be better

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