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All About Dubai Garden Glow-Zabeel Park | Opening Time | Pictures | Tickets Price - AED 65 ONLY

Dubai Garden Glow -Unique Night Themed Park

Enjoy this evening tour of Dubai Garden Glow, where imagination shimmers at night. A well-crafted colossal garden forms the setting for Dubai Garden Glow, the world's most unique and intriguing theme park. The iconic attractions in Garden Glow, such as the Ice Park, glowing animals, and the replica of Burj Khalifa, are all examples of Fine Art made from recyclable materials and integrated with futuristic devices that glow in the dark.

In addition to the Garden Glow, there is also a world of imagination at the Dubai Garden Glow. Be prepared to experience the world's largest dinosaur park, featuring 100 animatronic dinosaurs at a record-breaking pace. The museum boasts a unique blend of education and entertainment, which allows users to advance their knowledge of reptiles of the prehistoric era and the incredible creatures who roamed our planet. 

Dubai Garden Glow

Book Now at Park Access  AED 65 Only  

Option 1: 2 Park Access (Dubai Garden Glow and Dinosaur Park) for AED 65

Option 2: Combo Access (Dubai Garden Glow, Dinosaur Park, and Magical Park) for AED 88

Things to do at Dubai's Garden Glow

Dinosaur Park: Children are attracted to the Dinosaur Park, which is the largest outdoor attraction with prehistoric creatures that roar and move. Animatronic dinosaurs of the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous periods are on display, beginning with the creation of the dinosaurs and culminating with the extinction of the dinosaurs.

Magic Park: It encompasses the art of science, with more than 25 exciting exhibits and 3D sculptures that will astonish you. Optical illusions are used in visual arts to create a realm of mesmerizing effects. Geometric forms are used to create hypnotic optical effects in this art form.

Glow Park: The lights in Glow Park were manufactured with handcrafted elements. Our unique Earth-Friendly models are artfully constructed and created with a beauty that leaves a lasting impression in the minds of those who view them.

Art Park: Provides Dubai Garden Glow with a unique venue for displaying distinctiveness, creativity, and imagination. Amidst the diverse notes of Happiness, Cultural Values, Beliefs, and Identity, the Eco-friendly Art Park presents an overall paradise of all colors of life.

Dubai Garden Glow tickets also include talks by trees, stage shows, sparkle gardens, taste hotspots, laser shows, and street performances.

Take in the thrilling acrobatic performances and walk through the tunnel of lights. 

Dubai Garden Glow Timings -Opening Time

Sunday to Thursday - 5PM to 10:30PM

Friday-  5pm to 11PM

Dubai Garden Glow - Entry Fee

Ticket is valid only for Garden Glow + Dinosaur Park AED 65 including 5% VAT

Dubai Garden Glow - Pictures


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