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Abudhabi's Long Salt Lake - New Wonder Attraction's - Entrance Fee -Timing - Location

 When you are surrounded by the stunning natural beauty of Abu Dhabi's Long Salt Lake, how can you stay salty? There are several other gems in the UAE that are worth a visit if you are looking for an adventure over the weekend. Every now and then, it is nice to spend some time with your family or friends in a natural environment without the hustle and bustle of the city.

Abu Dhabi's Long Salt Lake is no doubt the most popular attraction in the city. Its crystal-clear, blue waters are a sight to behold, while its mushroom or lily pad-shaped salt formations are fascinating to visitors.

Abudhabi Salt Lake

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Is the Long Salt Lake artificial or a natural phenomenon?

One of the most pertinent questions is whether the Long Salt Lake was created by humans or not? Both trenches or channels were manufactured while the salt formation was a natural phenomenon that has turned out to be stunningly beautiful.

A separate 'lake' can be found on both sides of the main road. This lovely emerald river is surrounded by salt formations on its banks.

Al Wathba Long Salt Lake

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Do you know where Long Salt Lake is located?

Salt Lake is located in the Al Wathba area of Abu Dhabi; however, some people have difficulties finding it. Located along the Al Ain highway, Long Salt Lake is adjacent to Al Bihouth. If you know how to navigate the area, it is recommended that you head toward the Fossil Dunes. Following the piers will allow you to cross the sandy path as you travel through the dunes.

The closest E road is the E65; however, the fastest access is via a detour off the E30 near Al Wathba Wildlife Reserve, which is near by. You can use Google Maps to determine the location of the Long Salt Lake if you are still unsure of its exact location

Can you tell me when is the most convenient time to visit Abu Dhabi's Salt Lake?

The best time to watch the sunrise is during the early hours of the morning, between the hours of 5 and 8 am. Similarly, if you plan to stay overnight, it is best to arrive between 5 pm and 7 pm.

Abudhabi Long Salt Lake
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What fun activities are available in Long Salt Lake?

If you are visiting Abu Dhabi's Long Salt Lake, you can engage in many exciting activities. You will have a memorable experience. There are many tourists who come here for a BBQ, to unwind, and to spend the night camping.

I am sure you were tempted to take a number of Instagram-worthy photographs while visiting this site. You will float on the salt lake water if you want to swim, which is similar to what you might find at the Dead Sea.

If you are interested, you can also enjoy a four-wheel drive on the dunes and a road trip back and forth from Long Salt Lake to the Fossil Dunes! Just make sure you do not interfere with the formations by keeping the area clean.

Abudhabi Long Salt Lake Location & Directions

Get Directions:- https://goo.gl/maps/SjPRfmNgpgz8FxJW8

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