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Bangalore Chicken Biryani Recipe | Images | Video | How to Make

Chicken Biryani Recipe Video

Chicken Biryani is most loved indian dish  prepared in different styles / flavours based on region styles. Dum Style biryani is very delicious will consume well deserved taste time based on expertise. Find in this article How to make Chicken biryani, images, preparation method video and after prepration pics of Tradional Style Dum Biryani

Traditional Chicken biryani method of preparing is Marinate chicken by adding all ingredients and keep in Refrigerator for 1hour atleast to spices hold well  to make  chicken biryani taste delicious.use old Basmati Rice for Quick Cook and to bring extra taste.

Varieties of Chicken biryani's available in India

  • Hyderbadi  Chicken Biryani
  • Chetttinadu Chicken Biryani
  • Thalassery Chicken Biryani
  • kolkata Style Chicken Biryani
  • Bamboo Biryani
  • Kerala Kappa (Tropiaco) chicken Biryani 

Ingredients for Chicken Biryani Recipe

  1. 2 Table spoons of Ghee and 50ml Refined Oil
  2. Cloves, cardamon 1table - 3 pcs each 
  3. 3 Big sliced Onions
  4. Ginger Garlic Paste 1.5 table spoon
  5. Few green chilli  
  6. 1kg of skinless chicken
  7. little Salt 
  8. turmeric poweder 1/2 table spoon, chilli powder -1 tbsp, corainder powder -1tbsp,biryani powder-1tbsp, 100gms of curd.
  9. 3 big sliced tomatoes , few corainder leaves &mint leaves 
  10. 1kg Half Boiled Rice 

Preparation Method of Chicken Biryani

1.Take Bowl and Add 2 Tsp Ghee and 50ml Oil 
Chicken Biryani recipe- step 1

2. Salute on Low flame and Add Cloves, cardamon 
Add cloves and Cardimon - chicken biryani making

3. Add 3 sliced biryani and Salute on low flame 

4.Once Onions half cooked add 1.5 tsp of Ginger garlic paste

5. Add Chicken to the pan after onions mix cooked well 
Chicken biryani recipe

6.Add Spices to the Preparation method and salute  (Turmeric, chilli powder, corriander powder , biryani powder and curd -100gms)
Adding Spices to  Chicken biryani recipe

7. Mixwell and cook for 15mins 

Mixwell and Cook for 15mins

8. After cooked for 5-7 minutes add sliced tomatoes, corainder leaves and mint cook in low flame for 3minutes 

Add Mint coriander leaves

9.Add Half boiled Rice , mix well & Cook for 10mins 

add half boiled rice to chicken biryani recipe method

10. Gently stir on low  flame, close the lid and place biryani pot on plate and cook for 10minutes
Close the lid and cook for 10minutes

11. Chicken Biryani Bangalore Style Ready Serve - Enjoy the Meal!
Ready to Serve - Bangalore Style Chicken Biryani

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