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Can cause serious illness due to iron deficiency anemia ?

Anemia -iron Deficiency Symptoms

ANEMIA is known as the condition in  which blood doesn't have the required amount of healthy red blood cells which are helpful to carry oxygen to your body tissues. 

There are many form of anemia ,with their own prospective cause. This condition may have temporary and long-term. If we take proper treatment for this condition that may lead to serious illness that are included shortness of breath, heart attack, tiredness, increased heart rate, dry hair like conditions we may experience.


    👉lack of iron diet 

   👉Lack of absorption of iron due to any intestinal disorders

   👉sudden blood loss due to any injury, pregnancy.

Causes of iron deficiency

NORMAL RANGE OF IRON LEVELS                                                                        

         Optimal levels of iron is important to maintain healthy life and daily activities. A blood test is required to know about to iron levels in human body.

      💨 Normal levels of hemoglobin 

                👮〰Adults( MALES )       : 13.5 -17 g/dl
                👸〰Females(pregnancy )  :11-12 g/dl
                               (Normal )               :12-15 g/dl
                👶〰Children                      :11-16 g/dl

SIGNS&SYMPTOMS OF IRON DEFICIANCY ANEMIA                                              


Fatigue tiredness is most common symptom of anemia .Because of lack  of red blood cells in blood that cause decreased supply of hemoglobin to body tissues 
 Lack of oxygen and muscles in tissues that leads to lowers energy and that may cause tiredness and weakness. The low oxygen levels requires effort for the heart for the functioning of body.

This tiredness fatigues may vary from busy lifestyle and iron deficiency anemia.



This also decreased supply of red blood cells to skin and membranes. Paleness of skin is  not same as skin pigmentation. 

 This paleness is also shown an face, neck, lower eyelid, inside of lips and even in nails. At the time of doctors visit you might have noticed him seeing lower eyelid.
the reason behind that is to check color of eyelid. The hemoglobin is responsible for color of red. Deficiency of hemoglobin is change
s color to pale pink to yellow.

 The paleness is warning sign of moderate to severe anemia.


When normal hemoglobin levels is low in body during iron deficiency, oxygen levels also getting low this may cause tough to gain energy while walking because not enough oxygen supple to muscles to generate energy . 

This movement increase breathing rate also because heat will keep more effort to push blood to lungs lack of oxygen in blood lungs also keep more effort compared to normal functioning.

Sometimes this also may cause severe illness if wont go for treatment.


These symptoms also less common often this may combined with light headiness/dizziness

Due to lack of supply of oxygen to the brain may cause swelling of blood vessels in brain ,this may cause headaches and dizziness 

If we Daley this situation slowly it may result to the more severe condition.


Identified heartbeats, are also known as heart palpitations ,this is also one of the symptom of iron deficiency

The low hemoglobin percentage in blood lead to heart need to do extra work to supply oxygen to tissues. This can cause irregular heart beat that means heart function is abnormally.

In some case this may lead to heart enlargement and heart failure.


 The hair fall may cause with many reasons. Due to low oxygen supply to the skin tissues of hair may lead to dryness of hair and may cause hair fall.

But excessive amount of hair fall will be monitored as severe anemic condition 


Soreness and swelling  and inflammation of tongue and mouth also indicate anemia

low hemoglobin may cause tongue became pale, while  low levels of myoglobin can cause tongue sore. inflamed.

Myoglobin is protein in the red blood cells that support to the muscles of tongue. 


There are many other symptoms like strange-cravings, anxiousness, cold hands and feet ,more frequent inflammations, restless leg syndrome

More than 25% of the people suffering with the restless leg syndrome in the world due to anemic condition.

FOODS THAT CONTAIN MORE IRON                                                                                       
  • Red meat, pork and poultry
  • Dark green, leafy vegetables, such as spinach and kale
  • Dried fruit, such as raisins and apricots
  • Peas, beans and other pulses
  • Seafood
  • Iron-fortified foods
  • Seeds and nuts           

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