Exciting offer at Abu Dhabi restaurant

Exciting offer at Abu Dhabi restaurant

Have ever tasted Abu Dhabi food. Here is the new challenge, It is a guessing game........

Guess the weight of the meat and win a free steak.

The Beach Rotana's steakhouse Rodeo Grill is challenging visitors to wager the weight of a selected cut of meat, and in case your prediction is within five grams of the real weight, then it's at the house.
That’s right, you get a loose meal only for being a smart (or lucky, in case you’re feeling modest) guesser. We would even recommend the best street food in Abu Dhabi. Enjoy your meal.

Located on the Beach Rotana Abu Dhabi, this elegant restaurant serves first-rate cuts of meat and super side dishes in an elegant placing.
Daily 7pm-11pm.
Beach Rotana Abu Dhabi, Al Zahiyah (02 697 9126). 

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