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Vegan-Friendly Food Shops in Dubai

Vegan-Friendly Food Shops in Dubai

Organic Foods & Café

Shopping at Organic Foods & Café’s supermarket lets you explore a cornucopia of vegan and vegetarian products you won’t easily find in other stores. The family-run grocery offers fresh organic and biodynamic produce, pantry staples, gourmet delights and other household essentials sourced only from handpicked trusted farms and suppliers. If you’re looking for hormone- and chemical-free farm-fresh vegetables, fruits, dairy, health and beauty products and other pantry essentials, you’ll be spoiled for choice at Organic Foods & Café.

If you don’t have time to go to one of Organic Foods & Café’s branches, you can shop on their website:


Strolling into bio organic store dubai is like wandering into a farm in the complete blooming harvest. Nature's finest produce is stacked high in all of its glory, urging you to delve deep one of apples, pears, pomegranates, and all the other great things. As its name implies, the shop participates in healthy, organic produce that is affordable and fresh. As well as your veggies and fruits, you'll also discover snacks, cereals, beverages, condiments and a selection of specialty oils so that you can whip up a vegan storm.
You can also order online at



Sweet tooth? Not prepared to give up the chocolate? This comparatively new Dubai brand includes a full vegan selection, with delivery across the city. Get your hands on black chocolate flavors such as banana, apple, hazelnut, strawberry, and almond, from around Dhs20 a bar, or sign up for a Tasting Club subscription. Prices start from Dhs1,450 for three weeks, and each box contains four chocolate bars, one chocolate slab plus a lip-smacking 60 chocolate bits


The enormous Carrefour in Mall of the Emirates has a significant section that is as devoted to dish meats and cheese because we all are. While you're there, have a dally around to the freezer section where you will have the ability to pick up some Linda McCartney vegetarian sausages and sausage rolls, which are acceptable for vegans and totally mouth-watering. We love you, Linda.

Coco Yoca

Coco Yoca is a raw, vegan, fermented assortment of desserts that you may purchase online or snap up at different pop-up occasions, such as Ripe Markets. Founder Turner Francis began whipping up the assortment of ice creams, cheesecakes, cream cheeses, and tarts back in 2014 and has committed her life to ensure that the vegans of Dubai get their candy fix. We salute you, Turner, and your mint chip ice cream, too.

Greenheart Organic Farms

Click on the vegan section of Greenheart Farm's website and you'll be rewarded with 68 mouth-watering outcomes, including ice cream sandwiches, vegan cheeses (including brie and mozzarella, no less), carrot cake and chocolate spread. That's without even mentioning the vegetable and fruit section, which is absolutely blooming filled with fresh and organic produce grown right here in Dubai. Initially, the Greenheart Farm consisted of an old grow home and a couple of scattered vegetable spots, with produce being delivered weekly to the residents of Arabian Ranches. The farm grew gradually and with increased yields more frequent deliveries were introduced. In 2013 the Greenheart Online Store was launched and the Farm Shop started, and now the farm has expanded its product range, home delivery frequency/radius, and supplies a vast range of wholesale customers.


As well as delivering a huge range of fruit and veg (including organic options) and wholesale prices, Kibsons includes a great vegan department containing dairy-free cream cheese, coconut nut, and butter yogurts. Nevertheless, the big sellers, if you're pushed for time (or simply can't be bothered regarding the digital shelves), are the DIY recipe boxes. The vegan aubergine stew serves four individuals and the box consists of brown onions, garlic, aubergine, brown mushrooms, tomatoes, parsley, vegan coco cream cheese with chives, lime and veggie noodles. Now all you want to do is knock it up... Same day delivery is available, too.

LuLu Hypermarket

Just like the British singer-songwriter, Lulu makes us beg a shout out, throw our heads back and shout... It has something of a cult standing here in Time Out Towers thanks to its rock-bottom costs, extensive opening hours and perennial buzz of consumers. LuLu's Hypermarket (often more like LuLu's Hyperactive-market, if you've ever been inside) also boasts a brilliant assortment of vegetarian markets, nevertheless at those pocket-friendly prices. As well as the standard variety of international favorites, you'll also find some milder choices on sale such as egg replacement goods like Aquafina, a plethora of beef cheeses and meat -- tofurkey, anybody? Us cult followers, most probably.

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