The Junction | Plays Theater in Dubai | Future Events upto July 2019

The Junction | Plays Theater in Dubai | Future Events upto July 2019

The Junction was built as space where actors and creators can risk to become first, in which an appreciation for the arts could be cultivated into bigger crowds, and where mutual development and cooperation can occur in 2015.

The theatre aim is to be the place where the residents and talents of Dubai can communicate themselves, hone their abilities, and reveal that the culture and arts of Dubai are thriving on either side.

Calling all drama kings and queens -- there's a new theatre in town. The Junction is your creative area aimed at honing the abilities of the international and the local artists. "As Dubai attracts many professional functions such as West End and Broadway performances, we aim to be the location where talented performers can say themselves," states Philip Apaza, theatre manager at The Junction. "It's a place where people are able to host performances, whether they be theatrical, dance, comedy, concerts, recitals or spoken word."

The Junction

Apaza, who has been involved in the scene in Dubai for many years, '' says The Junction was born out of his frustration over the absence of appropriate spaces to stage productions in the city. "You will find places around, [but] many are cost prohibitive or simply inaccessible. When months of hard work go into developing a performance, there actually has to be a place that can host such imaginative ambition. We plan to be this space."

  The 158-seat black box theater has a stage, performance hall and a multifunction room for workshops and practice sessions rooms or some work. "The theater is not too large, so does not violate the intimacy that could include great performance art," Apaza explains.

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