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Top 5 Law Schools in Dubai

1.University of Dubai (UD)

University of Dubai (UD)

LLM Majors: The University of Dubai's LLM was designed to prepare graduates for successful careers in both lawful and non-legal organizations. Laws' College in Dubai gives students the choice to make an LLM with dual concentrations by combining any two majors and also offers an LLM using two majors.
Since being founded in 1997, the University of Dubai (UD) has evolved to satisfy the changing needs of the planet. The University of Dubai works to make a program that is rigorously based on learning, which produces high Excellent instruction to prepare tomorrow's leaders

2.American University in the Emirates (AUE)

American University in the Emirates (AUE)

Its Law School (College of Law) strives to be among the outstanding law university in Dubai and in the entire region, place of community and beneficiaries confident of Legal Studies of college graduates by supplying legitimate for education and scientific research environment to become pupils are key components in the process of advancement and development, to the benefit of society and contribute about developments amount and the quality of the scientific, cultural and educational movement, and scientific research for a variety of facets of theoretical and technical legal expertise, based on the Arab and Islamic heritage, that's the most prominent attributes of national identity from the United Arab Emirates. The American University at the Emirates -- AUE is known -- as one of the most rapidly growing universities in the United Arab Emirates. College Mission is to supply training that is Legal for all those matriculating to make sure the application and set justice and protect the rights and freedoms rules. Establish principles and rules that contribute to the activation of the protection of basic freedoms and individual rights, and work to uphold the awarding pupils conduct research that contributes to understanding and resolving issues that help in the community service skills.

3.Middlesex University Dubai

Middlesex University Dubai

The Areas within the School of Law -- Law, Criminology, Sociology, Social Policy, Politics, and International Relations -- enjoy Powerful synergies and world-class reputations. The inter-relationships between different subjects in the School of Law along with the perspectives of their staff enable students to develop the intellectual skill and confidence to succeed during their time at University and within their lives afterward. Middlesex has a proud heritage of teaching every one of the topics within the School over the previous 50 decades, along with the School's research credentials can be measured in the number of world-class publications and grants they continue to procure. Many employees have international reputations as scholars, advisers, and social commentators, and are regularly called upon by a lot of celebrities, such as international organizations, governmental and non-governmental bodies, the media and industries all around the world, to contribute insights into issues and processes across jurisdictions. This lets Middlesex University Dubai be the law university in Dubai.

4. Al Ghurair University

Al Ghurair University

College of Law AGU is accredited by the UAE Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research & accredited by countries such as Pakistan, Syria, Sudan, Yemen Jordan, and India. It also boasts of a place in the Dubai Academic City. Following are the College Of Law Programs that make it one of the best law university in Dubai.
Bachelor of Law
Master's program in Public Law
Master's program in private legislation
Founded in 1999, Al Ghurair University is a community-oriented university that is Accredited by the UAE Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. AGU delivers a comprehensive collection of programs that are accredited which are tailored to serve the requirements of the UAE and the GCC that is broader. AGU has spent in the creation of a quality learning environment that was superior yet affordable. Its students enjoy a dedicated campus study benchmarked programs and armed with state of the art centers.

5. United Arab Emirates University – College of Law

 United Arab Emirates University – College of Law

Founded in 1976. UAEU aspires to develop into a detailed, research-intensive college and now enrolls approximately 14,000 Emirati and international students. The College of Law (COL) is made up of three departments. The Department of Private Law, the Department of Public Law, and the Department of Sharia and Islamic Studies. The College now offers a Bachelor in Law. All programs are recognized from the UAE Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, nevertheless, the College is working towards attaining international certification. This makes it be in Dubai in the listing of law schools.

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