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The Hide in Dubai | Best American Restaurant | WeDubai

The Hide in Dubai | Best American Restaurant | WeDubai

The Hide

Titled  'Dubai's earliest American meatery ' is located in Jumeirah Al Qasr at the area which previously housed the Steakhouse of MJ. Currently fronted by head chef Brian Voelzing and executive Advancement chef Nick Cuadrado, the place opened in October 2015, after the prior notion shut for renovations on May 29, 2015.

Vegetarians, look away now. Perhaps it is ideal to turn the page. You see, besides lovely views of the Burj Al Arab in the terrace, there is precious little for you at The Hide, British chef Nick Cuadrado's self-proclaimed"meatery" and pub, which has replaced MJ's Steakhouse in Jumeirah Al Qasr at Madinat Jumeirah

  Positioning itself somewhere between a lounge and sit-up-straight fine dining, there's a cheekiness to the menu's playful topics, which divide the dishes into sections such as"nice to meet you" (appetizers), "American prime time" (1855 prime black Angus steaks) and"meat market" (a selection of beef, poultry, and lamb ). Yes, pedantic veggies, there's a salad selection (stylized as"foliage lovers"), but just one of the three options comes without beef or seafood. Fantastic luck, thus, if you do not partake in the pleasures of cooked flesh.

 Discretion was the better part of valor for our starters and proceeded with a plate of a Californian yellowish tail, crispy octopus and roasted aubergine (a slightly costly Dh90), plus the crispy calf's tongue, which came with pickled radish, avocado, and charred beets. The purple slivers of fish and battered mollusc of the former were judged and mild. The steak of the latter was tender as you might imagine from tongue while the beetroot, in particular, tasted garden-fresh

In American steakhouse style that was true. The Hide"manwich" (Dh85) has been an imposing double slab of red-cheddar-slathered bread, between which relaxed an intimidating amount of smoked brisket, Iberico beef, two fried eggs and seasoning of mustard leaves and dill pickles. Perhaps I should have prepared myself better using some type of 24-hour pre-dining quickly, but I would be lying if I said I left it much more than halfway through the mountain that was manly. It's no mistake, and a meaty meal in its own right.
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Downs reveals the design brief was"to make something new and exciting for the Dubai market". Downs highlights the pub, which has been fully revamped. "The pub is set up for a throwback to days of old when craft cocktails ruled -- classic, comfortable, and relaxing," he explains. A bar area showcases 54 wines. Downs believes this is achieved by The Hide by bringing several construction elements into the area. He proceeds: "Overall, we desired the layout and concept to elicit comfort. The trend that began in the US many years ago was to escape from the stuffy feel" Seating a total of 111 on the patio over the primary restaurant and a 98, The Hide provides a rustic and raw feel with stone, slate and classic glass.

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