Kafka’s Ape at The Junction

Kafka’s Ape at The Junction

The award-winning play Kafka’s Ape 

The play is adapted and directed by Phala O. Phala and Gifts the winner of Best Public Performance in the 2018 South African HSS Award Tony Bonani Miyambo as Red Peter the Ape.

The operation is an adaptation of Kafka's"A Report For An Academy", about a primate's struggle to overcome the boundaries of captivity.

He plays takes a metaphorical view on culture. It highlights the complexities of identity in South Africa and at the human race in general. Throughout Red Peter's travel, the play provides a story that helps to question otherness' understanding.

Organized by: The Junction

Venue: The Junction

Ticket price: AED 60

Admission: 04:00 PM, 07:30 PM

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