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Get Benefited By Following Traffic Rules

Traffic LIght

Dubai Police has announced an initiative offering reductions up to 100 percent on gathered traffic fines provided the drivers will not commit new traffic violations on February 6. Here are the ten things that you should keep to avail the discount.

1. If you do Not commit a traffic offence from  February 6 for three months: you will Find a 25 Percent discount on previously accumulated traffic fines

2. If you do not commit a traffic offence to six months on February 6: you may Find a 50 percent discount on traffic fines that are gathered

3. If you don't commit a traffic offence from February 6 to nine months: you may Find a 75 percent discount on previous traffic fines that are gathered

4. If you do not commit a traffic offence for 12 weeks from February 6: you will Find a 100 percent reduction on preceding traffic fines that are gathered

5. Dubai Police will keep a listing and you can benefit from the discount whenever you choose to pay your fines or when renewing the auto registration.

6. Parking and Salik penalties are not included in the discount.

7. The discount will apply to the seizure of vehicles and traffic things, reducing the charge to get your car out of the pound, and reducing the number of black things you get for an offence.

8. This initiative only applies to individuals who own vehicles registered in Dubai.

9. The discount doesn't apply to motorists who reside away from the country for more than three consecutive months from the date of the traffic violation.

10. The discount doesn't apply to vehicles registered to lease offices, private businesses, and transportation companies.

  • Motorists who don't commit traffic offences for 12 months, the beginning could get a 100 percent discount on their traffic fines that are accumulated - from Dubai Police thanks to a new initiative.  

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