Dubai Museum and AI Fahidi Fort

Dubai Museum

Dubai Fort is situated at the south of Dubai Creek, at the Al Souk Al Kabir place which teems with vigorous commerce and is near the Ruler's Court (the monarch's divan). It had been constructed back in 1787, as the premises of the monarch, about 200 decades back and a fort of defence, because it stumbled on the boundary of this urban Dubai. Later on, this fort turned into an arsenal for artillery and weapons. It was also used as a prison for those outlaws. It was started in 1971 (the year that the federation was formed), to be an official museum which displays the background of Dubai and its first heritage. In 1995, another underground memorial has been created and added to the old fort.

Dubai Museum

The visitors of Dubai Museum"Al Fahidi Fort" have an opportunity to get rich, complete and integral knowledge of the very old history of Dubai that interacted with various cultures and people across history. Visitors will get acquainted with the different environments of rural and urban resides in Dubai, whether they are marine, coastal, desert, agricultural or mountain life. Video media, original samples, drawings and diagrams, audio and Unusual monuments that are authentic are sprinkled all over the wings of the museum. The museum consists of the wing, which shows antique monuments such as pottery, weapons, tombs, buildings, and areas. The wing of Dubai between the past and the present, the marketplace in the 1950s wing, shows comprehensive examples reflecting the market atmosphere, vendors, stores and goods offered in those times. There is also masjid wing and the traditional house, that the Oasis wing, desert, story of the water and desert at night. There is also the astronomy and organic phenomena wing alongside a sea wing that takes the visitor on a breathtaking tour to get to know shipbuilding and the production of shipping equipment, the profession of pearl diving and the marine life around the ground of the Arabian Gulf. There is the folklore wing, as well as the weapons and Old Dubai fortification wing. At the middle of Fahidi Fort lies a yard that is used for displaying versions of bamboo houses and boats with their conventional furniture.

Al Fahidi Fort

A visit to Dubai Museum"Al Fahidi Fort" provides an opportunity to get acquainted with the history of Dubai, which provides an impression which Dubai's current development, modernism, and distinction are only a continuation of a trip of a unique and distinguished culture that has been subjected to various cultures and people, as well as an instance of the powerful bond with Arabism and Islam. The contrast between old and modern Dubai, which can be separated by a couple of
years, show you the continuous efforts that led Dubai to its present condition of advancement and pioneering. Additionally, it consolidates the confidence which all that Dubai is now today is based on a civilization.

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